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 Texts with keyword "Marxism"AuthorDate
 A Caricature of Marxism and Imperialist EconomismLeninAug 1916
 A Contribution to Centrist LiteratureLeon TrotskyNov 1938
 A Few Words on Results and FactsLeninApr 1913
 A Militant Agreement for the UprisingLeninFeb 1905
 About "Science and Style"Leon TrotskyFeb 1940
 After Burnham – MacdonaldLeon TrotskyAug 1940
Anti-BernsteinKarl KautskyJan 1899
 At the Uttermost LimitLeninNov 1915
 Attendance at the International Workers' Congress of 1889 (Marxist)Paul Lafargue
Parti ouvrier français
Jun 1889
Bolshevism : Its Roots, Role, Class View and MethodsHelmut WagnerJan 1933
 Brailsford and MarxismLeon TrotskyMar 1926
 Cadets and DemocratsLeninJul 1912
 Centrist Alchemy or Marxism?Leon TrotskyApr 1935
 Certain Features of the Historical Development of MarxismLeninDec 1910
 Concerning A. BogdanovLeninFeb 1914
 Concluding Remarks to the Symposium Marxism and LiquidationismLeninApr 1914
 Conference of the Extended Editorial Board of Proletary (2)LeninJun 1909
 Controversial Issues - An Open Party and the MarxistsLeninApr 1913
 Convocation to the International Workers' Congress of 1889 (Marxist)Parti ouvrier françaisMay 1889
Forerunners of Modern SocialismPaul Lafargue
Karl Kautsky
Eduard Bernstein
Franz Mehring
Georgi Plekhanov
Hugo Lindemann
Jan 1895
 From Narodism to MarxismLeninJan 1905
 From a Publicist’s Diary (Peasants and Workers)LeninSep 1917
 How Plekhanov and Co. Defend RevisionismLeninNov 1908
 Impressions of the Paris Congress (Morris, 1889)William MorrisJul 1889
 International Socialist Conferences of Women WorkersAlexandra KollontaiJan 1907
 Karl Marx (by Lenin, 1914)LeninJan 1914
 Karl Marx, A Contribution to the Critique of Political EconomyFriedrich EngelsAug 1859
 Learn From the EnemyLeninNov 1905
 Left-Wing Narodism and MarxismLeninJun 1914
 Letter to Conrad Schmidt, October 27, 1890Friedrich EngelsOct 1890
 Letter to Henk Sneevliet, March 16, 1934Leon TrotskyMar 1934
 Letter to Ivan Skvortsov-Stepanov, December 16, 1909LeninDec 1909
 Letter to Joseph Bloch, September 21, 1890Friedrich EngelsSep 1890
 Letter to Joseph Weydemeyer, March 5, 1852Karl MarxMar 1852
 Letter to Sidney Hook, April 11, 1933Leon TrotskyApr 1933
 Letter to the Polish Comrade V, February 28, 1935Leon TrotskyFeb 1935
 Liberal and Marxist Conceptions of the Class StruggleLeninMay 1913
 Manifesto of the Communist PartyKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Jan 1847
 Marxism and Insurrection A Letter to the Central Committee of the RSDLP(b)LeninSep 1917
 Marxism and Nasha ZaryaLeninJan 1911
 Marxism and Reformism (1913)LeninSep 1913
 Marxism and RevisionismLeninApr 1908
 Marxism and the New PhysicsPaul MattickJan 1978
Marxism and the Philosophy of LanguageMikhail Bakhtin
Valentin Voloshinov
Jan 1929
 Marxism in Our TimeLeon TrotskyApr 1939
 Marxist Views on the Agrarian Question in Europe and in RussiaLeninFeb 1903
Mass action and revolution (1912)Anton PannekoekJan 1912
 Moralists and Sycophants Against MarxismLeon TrotskyJun 1939
 Ninety Years of the Communist ManifestoLeon TrotskyOct 1937
 Note to Lev Kamenev, July 5, 1917LeninJul 1917
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