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 Texts with keyword "Working class"AuthorDate
 A Bourgeois Document (1849)Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Jan 1849
 A Contribution To The History Of The Question Of The DictatorshipLeninOct 1920
 A London Workers’ Meeting (1862)Karl MarxJan 1862
 A Revolution of the 1789 or the 1848 Type?LeninMar 1905
 A Valuable AdmissionLeninJul 1901
 A Workers’ InquiryKarl MarxApr 1880
 A Working Men's Party (1881)Friedrich EngelsJul 1881
 About a Certain Newspaper ArticleLeninSep 1897
 An Epidemic of CredulityLeninJun 1917
 Another MassacreLeninJun 1901
 Appeal To The International ProletariatLeninAug 1921
 Appeal of the Mainz Workers’ Educational Association to all workers of GermanyCommunist League (Marx-Engels)
Adolf Cluss
Carl Wallau
Apr 1848
 Articles of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung CompanyKarl MarxJul 1848
 Bad AdviceLeninMay 1906
 Before and Now (1912)LeninAug 1912
 Bismarck and the German Working Men’s PartyFriedrich EngelsJul 1881
 Book Review: S. N. Prokopovich. The Working-Class Movement in the WestLeninJan 1899
 Can the Slogan “Freedom of Association” Serve as a Basis for the Working-Class Movement Today?LeninJul 1912
 Circular Letter to August Bebel, Wilhelm Liebknecht, Wilhelm Bracke and OthersKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Sep 1879
 Circular Letter to August Bebel, Wilhelm Liebknecht, Wilhelm Bracke and Others (2)Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Sep 1879
 Communication on Behalf of the “Stariki” to the Members of the St. Petersburg League of Struggle for the Emancipation of the Working ClassLeninJan 1896
 Condition of Factory Laborers (1857)Karl MarxApr 1857
 Contemporary Russia and the Working-Class MovementLeninApr 1913
 England (Engels, 1852)Friedrich EngelsJan 1852
 Experience TeachesLeninJan 1913
 Fear Of The Collapse Of Tile Old And The Fight For Tile NewLeninJan 1918
 For a workers' and farmers' governmentLeon TrotskyJul 1938
 Forms of the Working-Class MovementLeninApr 1914
 Freedom of the Press and the Working ClassLeon TrotskyAug 1938
 Good Demonstrations of Proletarians and Poor Arguments of Certain IntellectualsLeninDec 1904
 Hands Off! (1906)LeninSep 1906
 How Strong is the Left-Narodnik Trend Among the WorkersLeninJun 1914
 Impoverishment in Capitalist SocietyLeninNov 1912
 In Memory of HerzenLeninApr 1912
 In Switzerland (July 12, 1912)LeninJul 1912
 In the Wake of the Monarchist Bourgeoisie, or In the Van of the Revolutionary Proletariat and Peasantry?LeninAug 1905
 Inaugural Address of the Working Men's International Association (October 1864)Karl Marx
First International
Oct 1864
 Introduction to Sigismund Borkheim's Pamphlet, In Memory of the German Blood-and-Thunder PatriotsFriedrich EngelsDec 1887
 Learn From the EnemyLeninNov 1905
 Lecture on “The Proletariat and The War”LeninOct 1914
 Lecture on “The Proletariat and the War”. October 14, 1914LeninOct 1914
 Lessons of the Commune (1908)LeninMar 1908
 Letter to Adolf Cluss, June 14, 1853Karl MarxJun 1853
 Letter to August Bebel, August 18, 1886Friedrich EngelsAug 1886
 Letter to August Bebel, August 30, 1883Friedrich EngelsAug 1883
 Letter to August Bebel, December 11-12, 1884Friedrich EngelsDec 1884
 Letter to August Bebel, December 16, 1879Friedrich EngelsDec 1879
 Letter to August Bebel, February 19, 1892Friedrich EngelsFeb 1892
 Letter to August Bebel, June 20, 1873Friedrich EngelsJun 1873
 Letter to August Bebel, June 20, 1892Friedrich EngelsJun 1892
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