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 Karl Kautsky textsDate
 State SocialismDec 1881
 The Abolition of the StateDec 1881
 The Free SocietyJan 1882
 Lawyers’ SocialismJan 1887
 The Economic Doctrines of Karl MarxJan 1887
 Thomas More and his UtopiaJan 1888
 Ferdinand Lassalle: A 25-year memorialAug 1889
 The Class Struggle (Erfurt Program)Jan 1892
∅Forerunners of Modern SocialismJan 1895
 Our American Reports by F.A. SorgeJan 1895
 Exchange on Historical MaterialismJan 1896
 Communism in Central Europe in the Time of the ReformationJan 1897
∅Anti-BernsteinJan 1899
 The Hanover CongressJan 1899
 Frederick Engels : His Life, His Work and His WritingsAug 1899
 Germany, England and the World­PolicyAug 1900
 Class War and EthicsNov 1900
 To What Extent is the Communist Manifesto Obsolete?Jan 1901
 Trades Unions and SocialismApr 1901
 Bernstein’s old articles and new afflictionsJun 1901
 The Two TendenciesFeb 1902
 Socialist Agitation Among Farmers in AmericaSep 1902
 Autobiographical SketchDec 1902
 Karl Kautsky. AutobiographyDec 1902
 The Intellectuals and the WorkersJan 1903
 Clericalism and the Socialist Attitude Thereto A SymposiumJan 1903
 The Social Revolution and on the day After the Social RevolutionJan 1903
 The Aims and Limitations of the Materialist Conception of HistoryFeb 1903
 Saint Francis of AssisiJan 1904
 Wardour Street EconomicsFeb 1904
 On the Problems of the Jewish Proletariat in EnglandApr 1904
 Ethics and the Materialist Conception Of HistoryJan 1906
 Revolutions, Past and PresentJan 1906
 On socialism and trade unionismNov 1906
 Anglo-German RelationsJan 1907
 Socialism and Colonial PolicyJan 1907
 Foundations of ChristianityJan 1908
 Practical Work in ParliamentDec 1908
 The Road to PowerJan 1909
 Must the Proletariat Degenerate?Feb 1909
 Sects or Class PartiesJul 1909
 Letter to Upton Sinclair, December 8, 1909Dec 1909
 Letter to Upton Sinclair, September 25th, 1909Dec 1909
 England and GermanyApr 1910
 The Capitalist ClassJan 1911
 War and PeaceApr 1911
 Finance-Capital and CrisesJul 1911
 Letter to “Lutte des Classes”, August 5, 1911Aug 1911
 The action of the mass (1911)Oct 1911
 Gold, Paper Currency and CommodityJan 1912
 Review of Algie Martin Simons’ Social Forces in American HistoryJan 1912
 The Struggle of the MassesFeb 1912
 Capitalism in the Ancient WorldMar 1912
 The First of May and the Struggle against MilitarismMay 1912
 Disarmament and Colonial PolicyJun 1912
 Victor AdlerJul 1912
 The new tactic (1912)Aug 1912
 The “intellectuals” and party principlesNov 1912
 War and RevolutionNov 1912
 High Cost of LivingJan 1913
 Are the Jews a Race?Jan 1914
 Imperialism and the WarSep 1914
 Preparations for PeaceOct 1914
 Prospects of the Russian RevolutionApr 1917
 The Russian RevolutionNov 1917
 The Dictatorship of the ProletariatJan 1918
 The Bolsheviki RisingMar 1918
 Driving the Revolution ForwardDec 1918
 Terrorism and Communism (By Kautsky)Jan 1919
 Guidelines for a Socialist Action ProgrammeJan 1919
 The National Constituent AssemblyFeb 1919
 GeorgiaJan 1921
 Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Germany (by Kautsky)Apr 1921
 IrelandJan 1922
 War GuiltDec 1922
 The Moscow Trial and the BolshevikiJan 1923
 Methods of Peace-MakingFeb 1923
∅History of The First International (Kautsky)Jan 1924
 The Labour RevolutionJan 1924
 Epitaph of LeninJan 1924
 The League of NationsApr 1924
 The Lessons of the October ExperimentJan 1925
 The Materialist Conception of HistoryJan 1927
 My Book on the Materialist Conception of HistoryFeb 1928
 Nature and SocietyDec 1929
 Communism and SocialismJan 1932
 Hitlerism and Social DemocracyJan 1934
 Marxism and Bolshevism: Democracy and DictatorshipJan 1934
 Unemployment and shortening of the working dayMar 1937
 Social Democracy versus CommunismJan 1946

 Texts mentioning Karl KautskyAuthor¡sDate
 Letter to Karl Kautsky, February 1, 1881Friedrich EngelsFeb 1881
 Letter to the Editor of Justice, April 1888Friedrich EngelsApr 1888
 Letter to Friedrich Adolph Sorge, December 7, 1889Friedrich EngelsDec 1889
∅Letter to Karl Kautsky, February 5, 1891Friedrich EngelsFeb 1891
∅Letter to Karl Kautsky, February 11, 1891Friedrich EngelsFeb 1891
 Letter to Karl Kautsky, February 23, 1891Friedrich EngelsFeb 1891
 Letter to Karl Kautsky, August 12, 1892Friedrich EngelsAug 1892
 Book Review: Karl Kautsky. Bernstein und das sozialdemokratische Programm. Eine AntikritikLeninJan 1899
 Capitalism in AgricultureLeninJan 1899
 Book Review: Karl Kautsky. Die AgrarfrageLeninMar 1899
 Letter to Karl Kautsky, June 29, 1903LeninJun 1903
 Letter to Karl Kautsky, October 10, 1904LeninOct 1904
 Letter to Karl Kautsky, October 26, 1904LeninOct 1904
 Open Letter to the Editorial Board of the Leipziger VolkszeitungLeninJun 1905
 â€œThe Struggle of the Proletariat”LeninOct 1905
 Preface to the Russian Translation of K. Kautsky's Pamphlet Social-Democracy Wiped Out!LeninMar 1906
 The Russian Revolution and the Tasks of the ProletariatLeninMar 1906
 Kautsky on the State DumaLeninMay 1906
 Preface to the Russian Translation of K. Kautsky’s Pamphlet: The Driving Forces and Prospects of the Russian RevolutionLeninDec 1906
 Two Worlds (1910)LeninNov 1910
 Remarks on an Article About MaximalismLeninDec 1910
 Letter to Karl Kautsky, January 31, 1911LeninJan 1911
 The Results of the Arbitration of the “Trustees”LeninDec 1911
∅Mass action and revolution (1912)Anton PannekoekJan 1912
 The Question of Bureau DecisionsLeninDec 1913
 A Good Resolution and a Bad SpeechLeninDec 1913
 Kautsky's Unpardonable ErrorLeninDec 1913
 Comment on Kautsky’s LetterLeninDec 1913
 Theses for a Lecture on the National QuestionLeninJan 1914
 The Right of Nations to Self-DeterminationLeninFeb 1914
 The Liquidators’ Leader on the Liquidators’ Terms of “Unity”LeninFeb 1914
 Report of the CC of the RSDLP to the Brussels Conference and Instructions to the CC DelegationLeninJun 1914
 A German Voice on the WarLeninDec 1914
 Dead Chauvinism and Living SocialismLeninDec 1914
 Opportunism, and the Collapse of the Second International (1915)LeninJan 1915
 What Next? On the Tasks Confronting the Workers’ Parties with Regard to Opportunism and Social-ChauvinismLeninJan 1915
 Under a False FlagLeninFeb 1915
 The Conference of the RSDLP Groups AbroadLeninFeb 1915
 The Slogan of Civil War IllustratedLeninMar 1915
 Bourgeois Philanthropists and Revolutionary Social-DemocracyLeninMay 1915
 The Social-Chauvinists’ SophismsLeninMay 1915
 The Collapse of Platonic InternationalismLeninMay 1915
 On the Struggle Against Social-ChauvinismLeninJun 1915
 The Collapse of the Second InternationalLeninJun 1915
 British Pacifism and the British Dislike of TheoryLeninJun 1915
 Kautsky, Axelrod and Martov—True InternationalistsLeninSep 1915
 Revolutionary Marxists at the International Socialist Conference, September 5-8, 1915LeninOct 1915
 Social-Chauvinist Policy Behind a Cover of Internationalist PhrasesLeninDec 1915
 Notebook "Îą"LeninJan 1916
 Notebook “δ”LeninJan 1916
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