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 Texts with keyword HistoryAuthorDate of writing
A Contribution To The History Of The Question Of The DictatorshipLenin20 October 1920
A New Chapter of World HistoryLenin21 October 1912
Afghanistan (Engels)Friedrich EngelsJuly 1857
Conspectus of Hegel’s Book Lectures On the Philosophy Of HistoryLenin1915
Ernst Moritz ArndtFriedrich EngelsOctober 1840
Fr. Überweg. Outline of the History of PhilosophyLenin1903
History of Ireland (Engels)Friedrich EngelsMay 1870
Letter to August Bebel, July 24, 1885Friedrich Engels24 July 1885
Letter to August Bebel, March 18-28, 1875Friedrich Engels28 March 1875
Letter to Borgius, January 25, 1894Friedrich Engels25 January 1894
Letter to Conrad Schmidt, July 1, 1891Friedrich Engels1 July 1891
Letter to Conrad Schmidt, November 1, 1891Friedrich Engels1 November 1891
Letter to Eduard Bernstein, March 12, 1881Friedrich Engels12 March 1881
Letter to Franz Mehring, April 11, 1893Friedrich Engels11 April 1893
Letter to Franz Mehring, July 14, 1893Friedrich Engels14 July 1893
Letter to Friedrich Bolte, November 23, 1871Karl Marx23 November 1871
Letter to Friedrich Engels, August 7, 1866Karl Marx7 August 1866
Letter to Friedrich Engels, December 7, 1867Karl Marx7 December 1867
Letter to Friedrich Engels, March 25, 1868Karl Marx25 March 1868
Letter to Friedrich Engels, October 3, 1866Karl Marx3 October 1866
Letter to Jenny Marx (daughter), May 31, 1870Karl Marx31 May 1870
Letter to Julius Campe, October 7, 1844Karl Marx7 October 1844
Letter to Karl Kautsky, April 26, 1884Friedrich Engels26 April 1884
Letter to Karl Kautsky, February 23, 1891Friedrich Engels23 February 1891
Letter to Karl Kautsky, May 21, 1895Friedrich Engels21 May 1895
Letter to Karl Marx, December 18, 1868Friedrich Engels18 December 1868
Letter to Karl Marx, January 25, 1870Friedrich Engels25 January 1870
Letter to Karl Marx, June 16, 1867Friedrich Engels16 June 1867
Letter to Karl Marx, May 28, 1876Friedrich Engels28 May 1876
Letter to Karl Marx, November 17, 1869Friedrich Engels17 November 1869
Letter to Karl Marx, October 2, 1866Friedrich Engels2 October 1866
Letter to Karl Marx, October 24, 1869Friedrich Engels24 October 1869
Letter to Karl Marx, September 4, 1870Friedrich Engels4 September 1870
Letter to Laura Lafargue, April 13, 1882Karl Marx13 April 1882
Letter to Laura Lafargue, December 13, 1883Friedrich Engels13 December 1883
Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, April 17, 1871Karl Marx17 April 1871
Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, January 10, 1889Friedrich Engels10 January 1889
Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, June 27, 1870Karl Marx27 June 1870
Letter to Nikolai Danielson, November 13, 1885Friedrich Engels13 November 1885
Letter to Nikolai Danielson, October 17, 1893Friedrich Engels17 October 1893
Letter to Sigismund Borkheim, Beginning of March 1872Friedrich EngelsMarch 1872
Letter to Sigmund Schott, March 29, 1878Karl Marx29 March 1878
Letter to Vera Zasulich, April 23, 1885Friedrich Engels23 April 1885
Letter to Werner Sombart, March 11, 1895Friedrich Engels11 March 1895
Mazzini's Manifesto (1859)Karl Marx17 June 1859
Notes on the History of the RCPLenin1 December 1921
On the Early History of the GermansFriedrich Engels1882
Plan of a Lecture on the CommuneLeninMarch 1905
Pre-Capitalist Economic FormationsKarl Marx1857
The 24th of JuneFriedrich Engels27 June 1848
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