On colonialism (Marx-Engels)

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Published 1978

Progress publishers - 1978
 Texts published in On colonialism (Marx-Engels)AuthorDate
Review, January-February 1850Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Feb 1850
Affairs in Holland. Denmark. Conversion of the British Debt. India, Turkey and Russia.Karl MarxMay 1853
The Russian Humbug. Gladstone's Failure. Sir Charles Wood's East Indian Reforms.Karl MarxJun 1853
The British Rule in IndiaKarl MarxJun 1853
Revolution in China and in EuropeKarl MarxJun 1853
English Prosperity. Strikes. The Turkish Question. India.Karl MarxJun 1853
The East India Company-Its History and ResultsKarl MarxJun 1853
The Indian Question. Irish Tenant RightKarl MarxJul 1853
The Russo-Turkish Difficulty. Ducking and Dodging of The British Cabinet. Nesselrode's Last Note. The East India Question.Karl MarxJul 1853
War in Burma. The Russian Question. Curious Diplomatic Correspondence.Karl MarxJul 1853
The War Question. Doings of Parliament. India.Karl MarxJul 1853
The Future Results of British Rule in IndiaKarl MarxJul 1853
Anglo-Persian War (1856-1857)Karl MarxOct 1856
The Anglo-Chinese Conflict. The case of the Lorcha arrowKarl MarxJan 1857
The War Against Persia (1857)Karl MarxJan 1857
The Coming Election in England (March 1857)Karl MarxMar 1857
Parliamentary Debates on the Chinese HostilitiesKarl MarxMar 1857
A New English Expedition to ChinaFriedrich EngelsApr 1857
Whose Atrocities?Karl MarxApr 1857
Persia-China (1857)Friedrich EngelsMay 1857
The Persian Treaty (1857)Karl MarxJun 1857
Afghanistan (Engels)Friedrich EngelsJul 1857
The Revolt in the Indian Army (1857)Karl MarxJul 1857
The Revolt in India (1857) (1)Karl MarxAug 1857
The Indian Question (1857)Karl MarxAug 1857
The Indian Revolt (1857)Karl MarxSep 1857
Investigation of Tortures in India (1857)Karl MarxSep 1857
British Incomes in India (1857)Karl MarxSep 1857
The Approaching Indian LoanKarl MarxFeb 1858
Details of the Attack on LucknowFriedrich EngelsMay 1858
The Annexation of OudeKarl MarxMay 1858
Lord Canning’s Proclamation and Land Tenure in IndiaKarl MarxJun 1858
The British Army in India (1858)Friedrich EngelsJun 1858
The British Government and the Slave Trade (1858)Karl MarxJul 1858
Taxation in India (1858)Karl MarxJul 1858
The Indian Bill (1858)Karl MarxJul 1858
Trade or Opium?Karl MarxSep 1858
Opium Trade. Free Trade and MonopolyKarl MarxSep 1858
The Anglo-Chinese TreatyKarl MarxOct 1858
The Question of the Ionian IslandsKarl MarxDec 1858
The New Chinese War (September 1859)Karl MarxSep 1859
The British Cotton Trade (October 1861)Karl MarxOct 1861
The English Government and the Fenian PrisonersKarl Marx
First International
Feb 1870
About the Irish question (1882)Friedrich EngelsJul 1882
England in 1845 and 1885Friedrich EngelsMar 1885
On the Question of Free Trade, Engels’ preface (1888)Friedrich EngelsJan 1888