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 Texts with keyword EconomicsAuthorDate of writing
A Caricature of Marxism and Imperialist EconomismLeninAugust 1916
A Characterisation of Economic RomanticismLenin1897
A Contribution to the Critique of Political EconomyKarl Marx1859
A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy (Manuscripts of 1861-63)Karl MarxAugust 1861
A Note on the Question of the Market TheoryLeninDecember 1898
Affairs in France (January 1860)Karl Marx17 January 1860
Agreement between Karl Marx and Otto Meissner, Publisher and BooksellerKarl Marx21 March 1865
Another CommissionLenin18 June 1917
Anti-DühringFriedrich Engels1877
Apropos CareyKarl MarxSeptember 1853
Assignment to Secretary, June 25, 1921Lenin25 June 1921
Assignments to Secretary, 1st—November 19, 1920, 2nd—November 20, 1920Lenin19 November 1920
Basic Proposition on Economic and Especially on Banking PolicyLeninApril 1918
Book Review: A. Bogdanov. A Short Course of Economic ScienceLeninFebruary 1898
Book Review: J. A. Hobson. The Evolution of Modern CapitalismLeninApril 1899
Book Review: Karl Kautsky. Die AgrarfrageLeninMarch 1899
Brief Monthly Extracts from ReportsLeninMay 1921
British Commerce (Marx, 1858)Karl Marx7 January 1858
British Commerce (November 1861)Karl Marx2 November 1861
British Commerce (September 1860)Karl Marx8 September 1860
Capital, Volume IKarl Marx1867
Capital, Volume IIKarl Marx1861
Capital, Volume IIIKarl Marx1894
Combating Economic Chaos By a Spate of CommissionsLenin18 May 1917
Comments on James Mill, Éléments D’économie PolitiqueKarl Marx1844
Contract Between Marx and the Leske Publishers in Darmstadt on the Publication of Kritik der Politik und NationalokonomieKarl Marx1 February 1845
Corn Prices. European Finances and War Preparations. The Oriental QuestionKarl Marx25 August 1860
Cotton and Iron (1881)Friedrich EngelsJuly 1881
Das KapitalKarl Marx1861
Draft Decision for the CC, RCP(b) on the Tasks of the Soviet Delegation at GenoaLenin24 February 1922
Draft Decision for the CLD on Local Economic Conferences, on Reporting and on Complying with the Instructions of the CLDLenin19 May 1921
Draft Decision for the CPC on ConcessionsLenin16 November 1920
Draft Decision for the CPC on the Question of Following a Socialist Policy in the Economic FieldLenin27 November 1917
Draft Decision for the CPC’s Economic Commission on Alleviating the Position of the WorkersLenin2 May 1919
Draft Decision for the Economic Commission of the CPCLenin1 December 1920
Draft Decision for the Politbureau of the CC, RCP(b) (September 14, 1921)Lenin14 September 1921
Draft Directives of the CC, RCP(b) for the Soviet Delegation to the Genoa ConferenceLenin6 February 1922
Draft Directives to the Deputy Chairman and All Members of the Genoa DelegationLenin11 January 1922
Draft Plan of Scientific and Technical WorkLeninApril 1918
Draft Program of the RCP(b)Lenin1925
Draft of Capital, Book I. The Process of Production of CapitalKarl Marx1863
Draft of an Article on Friedrich List’s book: Das Nationale System der Politischen OekonomieKarl MarxMarch 1845
Economic & Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844Karl MarxApril 1844
Economic Dislocation and the Proletariat’s Struggle Against ItLenin17 June 1917
Economic Notes (Marx, 1861)Karl Marx3 November 1861
Economic Strikes in 1912 and in 1905Lenin8 June 1913
Economic and Political StrikesLenin31 May 1912
Economics And Politics In The Era Of The Dictatorship Of The ProletariatLenin30 October 1919
Economics Cannot be Separated from PoliticsErnesto Che Guevara8 August 1961
Eighth Congress of the RCP(b)Lenin18 March 1919
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