Georgi Plekhanov

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 Georgi Plekhanov textsDate of writing
Speech at the International Workers’ Socialist Congress in ParisJuly 1889
 Texts about Georgi PlekhanovAuthorDate of writing
A Brief Outline of the Split in the R.S.D.L.P.Lenin1905
A Fool’s Haste Is No SpeedLenin5 May 1914
Adventurism (1914)Lenin9 June 1914
Bad AdviceLenin21 May 1906
Controversial Issues - An Open Party and the MarxistsLenin28 April 1913
From the New-Iskra CampLenin15 February 1905
How Comrade Plekhanov Argues About Social-Democratic TacticsLenin26 May 1906
How Plekhanov and Co. Defend RevisionismLenin13 November 1908
In the Footsteps of Russkaya VolyaLenin13 April 1917
Letter to Iskra (November 1903)Lenin25 November 1903
Material for the Preparation of the Programme of the R.S.D.L.P.LeninApril 1902
Materialism and Empirio-criticismLeninFebruary 1908
On Plekhanov’s ArticleLenin29 October 1907
On the History of the Party ProgrammeLenin23 March 1905
On the Tactics of OpportunismLenin23 February 1907
On the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Revolutionary Activity of G. V. PlekhanovLeninDecember 1901
One Step Forward, Two Steps BackLeninFebruary 1904
One of the Obstacles to Party UnityLenin26 April 1910
Open Letter to Comrade Plekhanov, Chairman of the Council of the R.S.D.L.P.Lenin17 April 1905
Plekhanov and VasilyevLenin7 January 1907
Plekhanov, Who Knows Not What He WantsLenin25 May 1914
Postscript to the Article: “The Social-Democrats and the Election Campaign”Lenin10 November 1906
Report of the C.C. of the R.S.D.L.P. to the Brussels Conference and Instructions to the C.C. DelegationLenin23 June 1914
Report on the Unity Congress of the R.S.D.L.P.LeninMay 1906
The First StepLenin23 March 1905
The Illegal Party and Legal WorkLenin5 November 1912
The New Senate InterpretationLenin7 December 1906
The Political Significance of VituperationLenin24 June 1914
The Present Situation in Russia and the Tactics of the Workers' PartyLenin7 February 1906
The Proletariat and its Ally in the Russian RevolutionLenin10 December 1906
The Question of Bureau DecisionsLenin2 December 1913
To the Russian Collegium of the C.C.LeninFebruary 1911
Wilhelm Kolb and George PlekhanovLenin29 February 1916