Letter to Georgi Plekhanov, February 5, 1903

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5/II. 03

Dear G. V.,

I received your article and letter. In what issue the article will be printed I cannot tell as yet. I will let you know in a few days—though it also depends on your reply about the article on Nekrasov.

To speed up the answer to the Union, I have done the following. V. I., L. Gr. and I agreed upon a draft reply and sent It to Julius (it is important to discuss it there also with P. And.). Julius is to send you the reply at once together with my letter.

If you approve of the reply, pass it on to Olkhin (and arrange for him to keep in touch either through you or else give him the Richter address. Better through you).

If you do not agree with the answer, put precisely formulated amendments (or a new text) to the vote at once, and tell Olkhin that things are being held up somewhat because of the voting in a “scattered” board.

I am very glad that you are writing an editorial on the “Pseudo-Friends of the Proletariat” and in the introduction to Thun are giving a trouncing to Tarasov (page from the history of socialist thought). The introduction to Thun is of course the proper place for this.

The breakdown of Iskra’s Austrian channel is nonsense. So far everything has been going well there with three channels functioning. Dementyev is doing a fine job and writes regularly.

(It would be a good thing if you would summon also A. N. to cast his vote on the letter to the Union, on the tactics of the OC generally, and on the election of members from us to the OC Section Abroad.[1])

Best regards,



P.S. So I can expect the editorial in a few days? N’est ce pas?

P.P.S. Write what you agreed upon with Olkhin. Were any steps toward unity proposed and what exactly? Was there any talk of Borba, Svoboda, Krasnoye Znamya?

  1. ↑ The Organising Committee Section Abroad comprised L. G. Deutsch from the Editorial Board of Iskra, A. I. Kremer from the Bund, and N. N. Lokhov (Olkhin) from the Union of Russian Social-Democrats Abroad.