Letter to Georgi Plekhanov, November 2,1901

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Author(s) Lenin
Written 2 November 1901

First published in 1926. Sent from Munich to Geneva. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1974, Moscow, Volume 34, pages 88-89

November 2

Dear G. V.,

We have received your letter. We are planning to print your article in Iskra No. 10. No. 9 will come out in a few days; the delay is due to its having swelled to eight pages.

Did you receive Nos. 1 and 3 of Neue Zeit (when you have finished with them, please return them)? I sent them to you because they contain articles by Engels and Kautsky on the programme,[1] which may, perhaps, be of use to you. When do you expect to finish the programme?

You do not write anything about the review of the collected writings of Marx.[2] We take it that you will send it all the same—it is absolutely necessary for Zarya No. 2-3. Volume 4 will be published on November 4, containing letters of Lassalle to Marx, but it is not worth while writing a review of it now, so as not to delay publication.

I am finishing my review of home affairs.[3] Alexei has written about Lübeck. We have reviews: yours on Frank, three by Alexei+yours on the collected writings of Marx+ perhaps Velika Dmitrievna’s on Svoboda.[4] This will be enough.

Also,[5] Zarya No. 2-3 is ready and it is only a matter of the printing, which could be completed by the middle of November.

All the best.


P.S. I ask about the programme so insistently because we have to know whether, immediately after Zarya No. 2-3 has come out, there will be material for No. 4 to be given to the compositors. Dietz is pressing me about this.

If Ryazanov’s article has not yet been sent—send it immediately, otherwise he will positively tear Alexei to pieces. Ryazanov (and Parvus with him) has been mortally offended by the postponement of his article and wants, it seems, to take leave of us. “You don’t know your job as editors!”, Parvus said to us.

How do you like that?

  1. The articles referred to were: F. Engels “Zur Kritik des sozialdemokratischen Programmentwurfes 1891” (Die Neue Zeit No. 1 for October 2, 1901); K. Kautsky “Die Revision des Programms der Sozialdemocratie in Oesterreich” (Die Neue Zeit No. 3 for October 16, 1901). p. 88
  2. This refers to the review of the book Aus dem literarischen Nachlass von Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels und Ferdinand Lassalle. Herausgegeben von Franz Mehring. I. Gesammelte Schriften von Karl Marx und Friedrich Engels. Von März 1841 bis März 1844. Stuttgart, Verlag von I.H.W. Dietz Nachfolger 1902. p . 88
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