Letter to Georgi Plekhanov, May 14, 1902

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I have received the article with your comments.[1] You have fine ideas of tact towards editorial colleagues! You do not even shrink from choosing the most contemptuous expressions, not to mention “voting” proposals which you have not taken the trouble to formulate, and even “voting” on style. I should like to know what you would say, if I were to answer your article on the programme in a similar manner? If you have set yourself the aim of making our common work impossible, you can very quickly attain this aim by the path you have chosen. As far as personal and not business relations are concerned, you have already definitely spoilt them or, rather, you have succeeded in rutting an end to them completely.

N. Lenin

  1. The reference is to “The Agrarian Programme of Russian Social- Democracy” (see present edition, Vol. 6).—Ed.