Letter to Georgi Plekhanov, December 1, 1901

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Author(s) Lenin
Written 1 December 1901

First published in 1925 in Lenin Miscellany III. Sent from Munich to Geneva. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1971, Moscow, Volume 36, pages 102-103

December 1, 1901

I have read, dear G. V., your letter about Finn’s article. You have proved much stricter. It seemed to me that the article was not a bad one. But your arguments have fully convinced me, and I agree to the amputation. I have already spoken to the author about the need for some changes and cuts. He did not resist absolutely, but expressed the “wish” that the cuts should not be too heavy, as otherwise, he said, he would find someone else to publish the article.

We shall try to write to the author: we have the address, but it’s not very convenient to write.

However, I will not undertake to correct the article. That will have to be your job, if the decision is to carry it.

Best wishes,



Your criticism of Finn’s article has made me think again of how poor Iskra’s economic section is, a fact you spoke of at Zurich. Why don’t you send us anything for this section? It would be so important to have anything from notes of half a column (4,000 letters, 4-6 of your pages) about current events, like the co-operative congress, new data about syndicates, economic reviews in The Economist, major strikes, fresh statistical data, etc., etc., to articles of 1 1/2–2 columns, or feature articles up to 20–25 thousand letters (up to 30 of your pages)! You seem to be more in touch with economic literature than anyone else, so it would be easiest for you to draw up such notes, even occasionally! Do try and help us, or Iskra will become monotonous. Of course I would not even dream of distracting you from your work on the programme, which is urgently needed and has first priority; but it would be possible to write small notes and little articles in between, about the new issues of economic journals, etc.

Iskra’s historical section is also weak: feature articles telling about the European revolutions, and so forth. I think that here we could even translate. Please send us suitable material; you once said you had something in view.



I am still unwell, and “struggling” with the pamphlet against Rabocheye Dyelo, which is advancing almost in crab-like fashion.