Letter to Georgi Plekhanov, October 21, 1901

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October 21, 1901

Dear G. V.,

A few days ago I sent you Neue Zeit No. 1, with Engels’s article on the programme.[1] I think you will find it of some interest for your work, i.e., for drawing up the draft programme. Then today we sent you proofs; when you have read them, please send them directly to Dietz marked “Druckfertig[2] as soon as possible.

I have selected a little material for a review of home affairs[3] and in a few days’ time I shall tackle it in real earnest (at the moment I am indisposed—-a touch of the flu after my trip[4]). Since after this work I shall have to get busy with Iskra, and then with the pamphlet, which I have been putting off for a long time,[5] I have no time whatever left for the programme, and you are our only hope.

Could you recommend some Frenchman for letters from France? (Danevich will probably refuse.)

All the very best.



  1. The reference is to Engels’s article “Zur Kritik des sozialdemokratischen Programmentwurfes 1891”. p. 87
  2. Ready for the press.”—Ed.
  3. Review of Home Affairs” (see present edition, Vol. 5).—Ed.
  4. Lenin refers to his trip to Zurich to attend the “unity” conference of the RSDLP’s organisations abroad: Iskra-Zarya, Sotsial-Demokrat (including the Emancipation of Labour group), the Union of Russian Social-Democrats Abroad, the Bund and the Borba group. The conference was held on September 21-22 (October 4-5), 1901. p. 87
  5. The reference is to What Is To Be Done? (see present edition, Vol. 5.—Ed.