On the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Revolutionary Activity of G. V. Plekhanov

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Author(s) Lenin
Written December 1901

First published in 1924 in the magazine Proletarskaya Revolutsiya, No. 7 (30). Published according to the manuscript.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1961, Moscow, Volume 5, page 321.
Keywords : Georgi Plekhanov

The Editorial Board of Iskra joins whole-heartedly in celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the revolutionary activity of G. V. Plekhanov. May this celebration serve to strengthen the positions of revolutionary Marxism, which alone can guide the world struggle of the proletariat for emancipation and resist the attacks of eternally old opportunism that is recurrently making its noisy appearance in new guises. May this celebration serve to strengthen the bonds between the thousands of young Russian Social- Democrats who are devoting all their efforts to difficult practical work and the Emancipation of Labour group, which is providing the movement with what it stands so much in need of—a tremendous reserve of theoretical knowledge, wide political horizons, and rich revolutionary experience.

Long live Russian revolutionary Social-Democracy! Long live international Social-Democracy!