Letter to Georgi Plekhanov, Chairman of the Party Council, January 27, 1904

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Author(s) Lenin
Written 27 January 1904

Written January 27, 1904 in Geneva (local mail)
Published: First published in 1929. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1974, Moscow, Volume 34, page 226.


We are unfortunately compelled to enter our emphatic protest against the editorial board’s proposal of Comrade Gurvich as secretary.

Firstly, there were a number of conflicts with him in the CC

Secondly, he has expressed in writing (we can send you a copy) such, an attitude to the Council, the highest Party institution, that his participation in the Council meeting is quite impossible.

Thirdly—and chiefly—we shall probably have to raise in the Council the question of Comrade Gurvich personally, as a representative of the League’s board of management, who, in our opinion, has shown a wrong attitude to the Central Committee. It is inconvenient to have as secretary a person whose activities are being questioned.

We draw attention also to the fact that, appreciating the importance of the Council as an instrument for unity and agreement (and not for disunity and discord) we immediately proposed as secretary someone who has taken no part in the dissensions and against whom there has been no protest by the other side.

We are sure that the other side, too, the editorial board of the Central Organ, could easily propose a candidate who has not taken part in the dissensions and who could not be the subject of discussion on the Council.

Yours sincerely, L.