Letter to Georgi Plekhanov, April 15, 1901

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This letter is a postscript to Martov’s letter.—Ed.

I received the collection At the Post of Honour[1] dedicated to Mikhailovsky. It must be picked to pieces in the second issue of Zarya; I’ll attend to Chernov, who handles Kautsky ‘\a la Bulgakov. It would be a good thing if you were to tackle Rafailov, Yuzhakov and the other “sociologists”. This will be an act of revenge against Mikhailovsky.



  1. At the Post of Honour—a collection of writings put out by the Narodniks on the fortieth anniversary (1860–1900) of the literary and public activities of the Narodnik ideologist N. K. Mikhailovsky. The book was not reviewed either in Iskra or in Zarya.