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 SPD textsDate
 Gotha programMay 1875
 Erfurt programOct 1891
 Dresden Resolution (1903) and Amsterdam Resolution (1904)Jan 1904

 Texts mentioning SPDAuthor¡sDate
 Critique of the Gotha ProgramKarl MarxApr 1875
 Letter to August Bebel, January 23, 1886Friedrich EngelsJan 1886
 The International Working Men’s Congress of 1889. A Reply to JusticeEduard Bernstein
Friedrich Engels
Mar 1889
 The 'Official' German Social Democrats and the Paris CongressHenry Hyndman
Social Democratic Federation
Mar 1889
 The International Working Men’s Congress of 1889. A reply to the Manifesto of the Social Democratic FederationEduard Bernstein
Friedrich Engels
Jun 1889
 What Now? (1890)Friedrich EngelsMar 1890
 The Elections of 1890 in GermanyFriedrich EngelsMar 1890
 Draft of a Reply to the Editors of the Sächsische Arbeiter-ZeitungFriedrich EngelsSep 1890
 Reply to the Editors of the Sächsische Arbeiter-ZeitungFriedrich EngelsSep 1890
 Reply to Mr. Paul ErnstFriedrich EngelsOct 1890
 Speech at a Social-Democratic Meeting in Berlin on September 22, 1893Friedrich EngelsJan 1893
 To the Cologne Congress of the Social-Democratic Party of GermanyFriedrich EngelsOct 1893
∅Anti-BernsteinKarl KautskyJan 1899
 The Jena Congress of the German Social-Democratic Workers’ PartyLeninSep 1905
 The German Social-Democrats on the CadetsLeninMay 1906
 The Road to PowerKarl KautskyJan 1909
 To the Executive Committee of the German Social-Democratic Labour PartyLeninMar 1909
 Letter to the Executive of the Social-Democratic Party of Germany, September 2, 1910LeninSep 1910
 Two Worlds (1910)LeninNov 1910
∅Reminiscences (Bebel)August BebelDec 1910
 Paul Singer (by Lenin)LeninFeb 1911
 Better Late Than NeverLeninJan 1913
 Letter to the Executive of the German Social-Democratic Party, March 2, 1913LeninMar 1913
 The German Social-Democrats and ArmamentsLeninMay 1913
 The War and the International (The Bolsheviks and World Peace)Leon TrotskyJan 1914
 What Should Not Be Copied from the German Labour MovementLeninApr 1914
 German Social-Democracy and the Right of Nations to Self-DeterminationLeninJan 1915
 How the Police and the Reactionaries Protect the Unity of German Social-DemocracyLeninMar 1915
 Why the German Social-Democracy Failed. Review of Leon Trotsky’s The War and the InternationalAlexander SirnisMar 1915
 Split or Decay?LeninFeb 1916
 Wilhelm Kolb and George PlekhanovLeninFeb 1916
 The Junius PamphletLeninJul 1916
 The Heroes Of The Berne InternationalLeninMay 1919
 Interview Given to the Social Democratic PressLeon TrotskyMar 1929
 The Impending Danger of Fascism in GermanyLeon TrotskyDec 1931
 For a Workers’ United Front Against FascismLeon TrotskyDec 1931
 What Next? Vital Questions for the German ProletariatLeon TrotskyJan 1932
 Interview with Montag MorgenLeon TrotskyMay 1932
 Germany: The Only RoadLeon TrotskySep 1932
 The United Front for Defense: A Letter to a Social Democratic WorkerLeon TrotskyFeb 1933
 The Situation in GermanyLeon TrotskyMar 1933
 The German CatastropheLeon TrotskyMay 1933
 About the United Front with GrzezinskyLeon TrotskySep 1933