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Date of beginning December 1900
Date of end 1905


 Texts published in IskraAuthorDate
 Draft of a Declaration of the Editorial Board of Iskra and ZaryaLeninJan 1900
 Declaration of the Editorial Board of IskraLeninSep 1900
 Preface to the Pamphlet, May Days in KharkovLeninNov 1900
 The Urgent Tasks of Our MovementLeninNov 1900
 The War in China (1900)LeninDec 1900
 The Drafting of 183 Students Into the ArmyLeninJan 1901
 The Workers’ Party and the PeasantryLeninFeb 1901
 Where to Begin?LeninMay 1901
 Secret Document from WitteLeninJun 1901
 Another MassacreLeninJun 1901
 A Valuable AdmissionLeninJul 1901
 The Lessons of the Crisis (1901)LeninAug 1901
 The Serf-Owners at WorkLeninSep 1901
 A Zemstvo CongressLeninSep 1901
 Party Affairs AbroadLeninOct 1901
 A Reply to the St. Petersburg CommitteeLeninOct 1901
 Fighting the Famine-StrickenLeninOct 1901
 Penal Servitude Regulations and Penal Servitude SentencesLeninNov 1901
 The Protest of the Finnish PeopleLeninNov 1901
 A Talk With Defenders of EconomismLeninDec 1901
 Demonstrations Have BegunLeninDec 1901
 On a Letter from “Southern Workers”LeninDec 1901
 Concerning the State BudgetLeninJan 1902
 Political Agitation and “The Class Point of View”LeninFeb 1902
 Reply to “A Reader” (1902)LeninFeb 1902
 From the Economic Life of RussiaLeninFeb 1902
 Signs of BankruptcyLeninFeb 1902
 Report of the Iskra Editorial Board to the Meeting (Conference) of RSDLP CommitteesLeninMar 1902
 On the Borba GroupLeninMar 1902
 A Letter to the ZemstvoistsLeninMar 1902
 Revolutionary AdventurismLeninSep 1902
 The Draft of a New Law on StrikesLeninSep 1902
 Political Struggle and Political ChicaneryLeninOct 1902
 Vulgar Socialism and Narodism as Resurrected by the Socialist-RevolutionariesLeninNov 1902
 New Events and Old QuestionsLeninDec 1902
 To Secondary School StudentsLeninDec 1902
 Preface to the Speeches of Nizhni-Novgorod Workers in Court, Before December 14, 1902LeninDec 1902
 Preface to the Speeches of Nizhni-Novgorod Workers in Court, December 1, 1902LeninDec 1902
 On the Svoboda GroupLeninDec 1902
 Introduction to the Leaflet “To the Citizens of All Russia”LeninDec 1902
 Moscow Zubatovists in St. PetersburgLeninJan 1903
 Announcement of the Formation of an Organising CommitteeLeninJan 1903
 On the Manifesto of the Armenian Social-DemocratsLeninFeb 1903
 Concerning the Statement of the BundLeninFeb 1903
 Does the Jewish Proletariat Need an “Independent Political Party”?LeninFeb 1903
 The Autocracy is Wavering....LeninMar 1903
 Mr. Struve Exposed by His ColleagueLeninApr 1903
 Les Beaux Esprits Se RencontrentLeninApr 1903
 The National Question in Our ProgramLeninJul 1903
 An Era of ReformsLeninAug 1903
 The Latest Word in Bundist NationalismLeninAug 1903
 The Law on Compensation Payable to Workers Injured in AccidentsLeninSep 1903
 Foiled!LeninSep 1903
 Maximum Brazenness and Minimum LogicLeninOct 1903
 The Position of the Bund in the PartyLeninOct 1903
 Letter to Iskra, November 1903LeninNov 1903
 The Narodnik-Like Bourgeoisie and Distraught NarodismLeninDec 1903
 Organisational Questions in the Russian Social-Democratic MovementRosa LuxemburgJan 1904
 Political Letter IILeon TrotskyMar 1905

 Texts mentioning IskraAuthorDate
 Draft Agreement (1900)LeninSep 1900
 Letter to the Printing Shop of Iskra, Between May 22 and June 1, 1901LeninMay 1901
 Letter to the Iskra promotion Group, June 5, 1901LeninJun 1901
 Letter to the Iskra Group in St. Petersburg, October 1901LeninOct 1901
 The “Unity” Conference of RSDLP Organisations AbroadLeninDec 1901
 Letter to the Iskra organisations in Russia, December 18, 1901LeninDec 1901
 A Letter to a Comrade on Our Organisational TasksLeninSep 1902
 Letter to the Bureau of the Iskra Organization in Russia, December 28, 1902LeninDec 1902
 Note on the Position of the New IskraLeninDec 1903
 Why I Resigned from the Iskra Editorial BoardLeninDec 1903
 Letter to the Iskra Editorial Board, December 12, 1903LeninDec 1903
 Letter to the Editors of Iskra, December 24-27, 1903LeninDec 1903
 Statement of Resignation from the Party Council and from the Editorial Board of the Central OrganLeninJan 1904
 Letter to the Iskra Editorial Board, January 8, 1904LeninJan 1904
 To the Party (February 1904)LeninFeb 1904
 Circumstances of Resignation from the Iskra Editorial BoardLeninFeb 1904
 Letter to the Editorial Board of Iskra, February 26, 1904LeninFeb 1904
 Letter to the Editors of Iskra, March 18, 1904LeninMar 1904
 Letter to the Editors of Iskra, June 20, 1904LeninJun 1904
 Letter to the Iskra Editorial Board, August 24, 1904LeninAug 1904
 The Zemstvo Campaign and Iskra's PlanLeninNov 1904
 Evasions Without EndLeninFeb 1905
 Draft Resolutions for the Third Congress of the RSDLPLeninFeb 1905
 From the New-Iskra CampLeninFeb 1905
 A Militant Agreement for the UprisingLeninFeb 1905
 Osvobozhdeniye-ists and New-Iskrists, Monarchists and GirondistsLeninFeb 1905
 Should We Organise the Revolution?LeninFeb 1905
 What the Bonapartists Are Up ToLeninMar 1905
 Whom Are They Trying to Fool?LeninMar 1905
 Concerning the Third CongressLeninApr 1905
 Essay on the Party SplitLeninMay 1905
 Letter to the International Socialist Bureau, June 2, 1905LeninJun 1905
 Wrathful ImpotenceLeninJul 1905
 Revolution TeachesLeninJul 1905
 No Falsehood! Our Strength Lies in Stating the Truth!LeninSep 1905
 The Theory of Spontaneous GenerationLeninSep 1905
 Argue About Tactics, But Give Clear Slogans!LeninSep 1905
 A Social-Democratic SweetheartLeninOct 1905
 On P. B. Axelrod's Pamphlet The People's Duma and a Workers' CongressLeninOct 1905
 The Latest in Iskra Tactics, or Mock Elections as a New Incentive to an UprisingLeninOct 1905
 The Hysterics of the DefeatedLeninOct 1905
 Revision of the Agrarian Programme of the Workers’ PartyLeninMar 1906
 On the Tactics of OpportunismLeninFeb 1907
 On Bolshevism (1913)LeninJan 1913
 From the History of the Workers’ Press in RussiaLeninApr 1914
 On the Tenth Anniversary of PravdaLeninMay 1922
 Lenin and the Old IskraLeon TrotskyJan 1925