Wang Jianhong

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 Wang Jianhong textsDate
 The Center of the Women's Rights Movement Should Move to the Fourth ClassDec 1921

WANG JIANHONG (1902-1924) was an activist in the May Fourth Movement women's section. Born in Sichuan, Wang graduated from the Number 2 Hunan Provincial Girls' School in Taoyuan and then went to Shanghai with her lifelong friend Ding Ling. In Shanghai, Wang studied at the Communist-run Shanghai Common People's Girls' School. An anarchist who refused to join the Communist Party, Wang adopted a Marxist perspective on many issues and engaged in a consensual union with Qu Qiubai, a leading Communist in Shanghai. She died of tuberculosis in 1924. Wang's life served as a model for many of the "modern girl" characters in Ding Ling's stories.