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A Program of Action for FranceLeon TrotskyJun 1934
About the United Front with GrzezinskyLeon TrotskySep 1933
Building a New International and the United Front PolicyLeon TrotskyAug 1933
Committees Of Action – Not People’s FrontLeon TrotskyNov 1935
Committees of Action – Not Peoples FrontLeon TrotskyNov 1935
For a Workers’ United Front Against FascismLeon TrotskyDec 1931
Letter to the International Secretariat, November 22, 1933Leon TrotskyNov 1933
On the United Front (1922)Leon TrotskyMar 1922
On the United Front (1922, Inprecor)Leon TrotskyMar 1922
Remarks to the Theses on a United FrontLeninDec 1921
Report on Five Years of the Russian Revolution and Perspectives for the World RevolutionLeon TrotskyNov 1922
Resolution of the ECCI on the French Communist Party (June 1922)Leon TrotskyJun 1922
Speech on Comrade Zinoviev’s Report “The Tactics of the Communist International” at the Eleventh Party ConferenceLeon TrotskyDec 1921
Stalinism in Straits; Opposition on UpsurgeLeon TrotskyJun 1932
The Impending Danger of Fascism in GermanyLeon TrotskyDec 1931
The Question of Party Affiliation among Democratic-Minded StudentsLeninNov 1912
The Question of the United FrontLeon TrotskyFeb 1922
The Turn in the Communist International and the Situation in GermanyLeon TrotskySep 1930
The United Front for Defense: A Letter to a Social Democratic WorkerLeon TrotskyFeb 1933
The question of trade union unityLeon TrotskyMar 1931
The “Third Period” of the Comintern’s MistakesLeon TrotskyDec 1929
What Next? Vital Questions for the German ProletariatLeon TrotskyJan 1932