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For basic help using the wiki, see this page instead.

What do to first ?[edit | edit source]

The most useful is first to look for the texts referenced here, but which are not available, or which lack some basic information such as dates (birth, writing ...). To help, click on one of the links below and edit the page.

Add texts not referenced here[edit | edit source]

When they are available, it may be useful to have a look to the complete works of one author, to search for missing texts, and to add here at least the name and the date of the text.

Many texts, even if they are in the public domain today, have never been digitized. If you have paper versions of such texts, you can do a good job by digitizing, ocerizing and sharing them here!

Connect the translations between them[edit | edit source]

Ensuring that different translations of the same text are linked together is very useful! This allows someone looking for a text to easily find its version in another language.

Below are the english texts, and author pages, that have no links to other languages. Edit them!

Below are the pages of keywords or collections that have no translation links. Even if it not as important as for the texts or authors, it is still useful to have as many connections as possible.

Other little helpings[edit | edit source]

Correct errors[edit | edit source]

You can also, when you come across a misprint in a text, edit to correct. All changes are archived, so any visitor can help freely, while ensuring that no information is lost in case of error or vandalism.

If you notice an error in a text (a sentence cut in the middle, a footnote missing...) this could be an error that occured during the page creation. If the page comes from MIA, the link should be present, so don't hesitate to check if this error was also present on MIA or not. You can also compare with the original edition if you have access (for instance, you have the links to the MECW volumes in PDF).

Join the discussions[edit | edit source]

To each page is associated a discussion page, that can be used to say something about the page. You just have to click on the "Discussion" tab (speechBubbles-ltr.png), on top of the page.