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 Texts with keyword "Budget"AuthorDate
 Budget (Neue Rheinische Zeitung, January 1849)Friedrich EngelsJan 1849
 Concerning the State BudgetLeninJan 1902
 Defense. Finances. Decrease of the Aristocracy PoliticsKarl MarxFeb 1853
 Editorial Note Accompanying the Article "The Financial Project"Friedrich EngelsSep 1848
 Feargus O'Connor. Ministerial Defeats. The Budget.Karl MarxApr 1853
 France's Financial Situation (Marx, 1861)Karl MarxNov 1861
 Further Contribution on the Old Prussian Financial AdministrationKarl MarxFeb 1849
 Marx's Receipt for a Financial Contribution Towards the Publishing Expenses of the Neue Rheinische ZeitungKarl MarxApr 1849
 Mr. Disraeli's Budget (April 1858)Karl MarxApr 1858
 Note to the Article “Russia's Finances and the Revolution”LeninSep 1905
 Opening of the Labour Parliament. English War BudgetKarl MarxMar 1854
 Parliament. Vote of November 26th. Disraeli's BudgetKarl MarxDec 1852
 Postscript to the Article “The Debate on the Extension of the Duma’s Budgetary Powers”LeninMar 1908
 Prussian Financial Administration under Bodelschwingh and Co.Karl MarxFeb 1849
 The Debate on the Extension of the Duma’s Budgetary PowersLeninFeb 1908
 The Duma and the Approval of the BudgetLeninMar 1907
 The English Budget (February 11, 1860)Karl MarxFeb 1860
 The New English Budget (February 1857)Karl MarxFeb 1857
 Turkey and Russia. Connivance of the Aberdeen Ministry with Russia. The Budget. Tax on Newspaper Supplements. Parliamentary CorruptionKarl MarxJun 1853