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 Texts with keyword PoliticsAuthorDate of writing
A Criticism of American Affairs (August 1862)Karl MarxAugust 1862
A Critique of the Draft Social-Democratic Program of 1891Friedrich EngelsJune 1891
Address from the Working Men's International Association to President JohnsonKarl Marx
First International
May 1865
Agreement between Karl Marx and Otto Meissner, Publisher and BooksellerKarl Marx21 March 1865
Attempts to Form a New Opposition PartyKarl Marx16 October 1852
Berne Declared Federal Capital. FransciniFriedrich Engels28 November 1848
Big Meeting in Support of Political Refugees (November 1855)Karl Marx13 November 1855
British Politics. Disraeli. The Refugees.Mazzini in London. TurkeyKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
March 1853
Circular Letter to August Bebel, Wilhelm Liebknecht, Wilhelm Bracke and Others (2)Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
September 1879
Controversy Over the Trent CaseKarl MarxDecember 1861
Defense. Finances. Decrease of the Aristocracy PoliticsKarl Marx8 February 1853
Dismissal of DrigalskiKarl Marx17 December 1848
Draft Directive Of The Political Bureau On The New Economic PolicyLenin9 January 1922
Duel between Berg and LuviniFriedrich Engels30 November 1848
Eccentricities of Politics (June 1855)Karl Marx19 June 1855
English Politics (February 1860)Karl Marx14 February 1860
Europe in 1858Friedrich EngelsNovember 1858
Extraordinary Revelations.-Abd-el-Kader.-Guizot's Foreign PolicyFriedrich EngelsJanuary 1848
Government and Opposition In FranceFriedrich Engels1 September 1846
His SuccessorsFriedrich Engels9 September 1848
Imprisonment of Lady Bulwer-LyttonKarl Marx23 July 1858
Invasion! (July 1859)Karl Marx28 July 1859
Ireland's Revenge (1855)Karl Marx13 March 1855
Karl Marx, A Contribution to the Critique of Political EconomyFriedrich EngelsAugust 1859
Kossuth and Mazzini. Intrigues of the Prussian Government. Austro-Prussian Commercial Treaty. The Times and the Refugees.Karl Marx18 March 1853
Kossuth, Mazzini, and Louis NapoleonKarl Marx1 December 1852
Letter to Adolf Cluss, October 5, 1852Karl Marx5 October 1852
Letter to Antoinette Philips, July 17, 1861Karl Marx17 July 1861
Letter to August Bebel, August 30, 1883Friedrich Engels30 August 1883
Letter to August Bebel, March 18-28, 1875Friedrich Engels28 March 1875
Letter to Berta Markheim, July 6, 1863Jenny von Westphalen6 July 1863
Letter to Borgius, January 25, 1894Friedrich Engels25 January 1894
Letter to Carlo Cafiero, July 16, 1871Friedrich Engels16 July 1871
Letter to Conrad Schmidt, October 27, 1890Friedrich Engels27 October 1890
Letter to Conrad Schmidt, September 12, 1892Friedrich Engels12 September 1892
Letter to Conrad Schramm, December 1857Jenny von WestphalenDecember 1857
Letter to Eduard Bernstein, August 9, 1882Friedrich Engels9 August 1882
Letter to Eduard Bernstein, June 17, 1879Friedrich Engels17 June 1879
Letter to Eduard Bernstein, June 26, 1882Friedrich Engels26 June 1882
Letter to Eduard Bernstein, March 24, 1884Friedrich Engels24 March 1884
Letter to Eugenie Papritz, June 26, 1884Friedrich Engels26 June 1884
Letter to Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis, February 22, 1881Karl Marx22 February 1881
Letter to Ferdinand Freiligrath, September 5, 1849Karl Marx5 September 1849
Letter to Ferdinand Lassalle, April 28, 1862Karl Marx28 April 1862
Letter to Ferdinand Lassalle, December 21, 1857Karl Marx21 December 1857
Letter to Ferdinand Lassalle, February 22, 1858Karl Marx22 February 1858
Letter to Franz Mehring, July 14, 1893Friedrich Engels14 July 1893
Letter to Franz Mehring, September 28, 1892Friedrich Engels28 September 1892
Letter to François Lafargue, November 12, 1866Karl Marx12 November 1866
Letter to Friedrich Adolph Sorge, April 19, 1890Friedrich Engels19 April 1890
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