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A Sitting of the House of Lords (1855)Karl MarxMay 1855
A Suppressed Debate on Mexico and the Alliance with FranceKarl MarxJul 1862
Class War and EthicsKarl KautskyNov 1900
Debate about the Existing Redemption LegislationFriedrich EngelsAug 1848
Freedom of Debate in BerlinFriedrich EngelsSep 1848
Letter to August Bebel, November 14, 1879Friedrich EngelsNov 1879
Letter to Eduard Bernstein, May 22, 1886Friedrich EngelsMay 1886
Letter to Friedrich Adolph Sorge, August 31, 1888Friedrich EngelsAug 1888
Letter to Hermann Schlüter, January 29, 1891Friedrich EngelsJan 1891
Letter to Karl Marx, February 17, 1870Friedrich EngelsFeb 1870
Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, December 24, 1867Jenny von WestphalenDec 1867
Newspaper Reports of Marx's Speech in the Vienna Democratic Association on August 28, 1848Karl MarxAug 1848
Parliamentary Debates of February 22. Pozzo di Borgo's Dispatch. The Policy of the Western Powers.Karl MarxFeb 1854
Postscript to the Article “The Debate on the Extension of the Duma’s Budgetary Powers”LeninMar 1908
Reply to the Debate on Concessions at a Meeting of Activists of the Moscow Organisation of the RCP(b)LeninDec 1920
The Agreement Debate, July 8, 1848Friedrich EngelsJul 1848
The Agreement Debates in BerlinFriedrich EngelsJun 1848
The Agreement Debates, July 2, 1848Friedrich EngelsJul 1848
The Agreement Debates, July 4, 1848Friedrich EngelsJul 1848
The Agreement Debates, June 6, 1848Friedrich EngelsJun 1848
The Berlin Agreement DebatesFriedrich EngelsJul 1848
The Debate on Jacoby's MotionFriedrich EngelsJul 1848
The Debate on the Extension of the Duma’s Budgetary PowersLeninFeb 1908
The Frankfurt Assembly Debates the Polish QuestionFriedrich EngelsAug 1848
The Great Parliamentary Debate (June 1855)Karl MarxJun 1855
The Local War. Debate on Administrative Reform. Report of the Roebuck Committee, etcKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Jun 1855
The Parliamentary Debate on the AddressKarl MarxFeb 1862
The Policy of Austria. The War Debates in The House of CommonsKarl MarxJul 1854
The Treaty Between Austria and Prussia. Parliamentary Debates of May 29Karl MarxMay 1854
The War Debate in Parliament (March 1854)Karl MarxApr 1854
The War Debates in Parliament (July 1854)Karl MarxJul 1854