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"Last Testament" Letters to the CongressLeninDecember 1922
(Reply by N. Lenin to Rosa Luxemburg) One Step Forward, Two Steps BackLeninSeptember 1904
.Draft Resolutions for the Fifth Congress of the R.S.D.L.P.Lenin15 February 1907
A Contradictory StandLenin14 June 1917
A Contribution to the History of the National Programme in Austria and in RussiaLenin5 February 1914
A Letter to Members of the C.C., R.C.P.(B.)Lenin6 November 1920
A Letter to the Organisations in RussiaLenin28 February 1905
A New Menshevik ConferenceLenin27 September 1905
A Tactical Platform for the Unity Congress of the R.S.D.L.P.Lenin20 March 1906
A Third Step BackLenin20 June 1905
Account of the Second Congress of the R.S.D.L.P.LeninSeptember 1903
Address To The Second All-Russia Congress Of Communist Organisations Of The Peoples Of The EastLenin22 November 1919
Against BoycottLenin26 June 1907
An Appeal to the Party by Delegates to the Unity Congress Who Belonged to the Former “Bolshevik” GroupLenin25 April 1906
An Attempt at a Classification of the Political Parties of RussiaLenin30 September 1906
An Interesting CongressLenin8 June 1913
An Unissued StatementLenin27 November 1903
Announcement of the Convocation of the Rhenish District Congress of Democratic AssociationsKarl Marx
Karl Schapper
Johann Philipp Becker
Joseph Moll
Karl Schneider II
5 August 1848
Announcement of the Formation of an Organising Committee and the Convening of the Third Regular Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour PartyLeninDecember 1904
Announcement of the General Council on the Convocation and the Agenda of the Congress at The HagueFirst International
Friedrich Engels
29 June 1872
Appeal of the Democratic Congress to the German PeopleKarl Marx2 November 1848
Appeal to the German Workers in London (1868)First International
Friedrich Engels
11 August 1868
But Who Are the Judges?Lenin5 November 1907
Circular of First Congress to MembersCommunist League (Marx-Engels)June 1847
Concerning the Third CongressLeninApril 1905
Confused and FrightenedLenin24 June 1917
Congress of Peasants’ DeputiesLenin16 April 1917
Despicable MethodsLenin16 May 1917
Draft Platform for the Fourth Congress of Social-Democrats of the Latvian AreaLeninMay 1913
Draft Resolution for the Fourth Congress of the Comintern on the Question of the Programme of the Communist InternationalLenin20 November 1922
Draft Resolution on Co-Operative Societies from the Russian Social-Democratic Delegation at the Copenhagen CongressLenin16 August 1910
Draft Resolution on the Reduction of the Working Day Proposed by the General Council to the Brussels CongressKarl Marx
First International
25 August 1868
Draft Resolutions for the Fifth Congress of the R.S.D.L.P.Lenin15 February 1907
Draft Resolutions for the Third Congress of the R.S.D.L.P.LeninFebruary 1905
Draft Theses on National and Colonial Questions For The Second Congress Of The Communist InternationalLenin5 June 1920
Editorial Epilogue to the Article “The Third Congress on Trial Before the Caucasian Mensheviks”Lenin16 August 1905
Eighth All-Russia Congress of SovietsLenin29 December 1920
Eighth Congress of the RCP(b)Lenin18 March 1919
Eleventh Congress of the R.C.P.(B.) (March 1922)Lenin29 March 1922
Eleventh Congress of the RCP(b)Lenin16 March 1922
Evasions Without EndLeninFebruary 1905
Extraordinary All-Russia Railwaymen’s Congress (January 1918)Lenin5 January 1918
Extraordinary Fourth All-Russia Congress Of SovietsLenin13 March 1918
Extraordinary Seventh Congress of the R.C.P.(B.)Lenin6 March 1918
Extraordinary Sixth All-Russia Congress Of Soviets Of Workers’, Peasants’, Cossacks’and Red Army DeputiesLenin6 November 1918
Fifth International Congress Against ProstitutionLenin13 July 1913
First All-Russia Congress of Soviets of Workers’ and Soldiers’ DeputiesLenin3 June 1917
First All-Russia Congress on Adult EducationLenin6 May 1919
First All-Russian Congress of Peasants’ DeputiesLenin4 May 1917
First Congress of the Communist InternationalLenin2 March 1919
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