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 Texts with keyword "Democracy"AuthorDate
A Lesson in Democracy I Did Not Receive The Story of a VisaLeon TrotskyApr 1929
A Question of PrincipleLeninMay 1917
A Regrettable Deviation From the Principles of DemocracyLeninMay 1917
A “Responsible Opposition” and the Participation of the Constitutional-Democrats in the March 1 ConferenceLeninMar 1914
Achievements of The MinistryKarl MarxApr 1853
Answers to Questions by A. M. Krasnoshchokov, Foreign Minister of the Far-Eastern RepublicLeninJul 1920
Appeal of the Democratic Congress to the German PeopleKarl MarxNov 1848
Appeal, Neue Rheinische Zeitung, November 21, 1848Karl Marx
Karl Schapper
Nov 1848
Banquet in GürzenichKarl Marx
Wilhelm Wolff
Ferdinand Wolff
Friedrich Engels
Heinrich Bürgers
Ernst Dronke
Mar 1849
Banquet of February 24Karl Marx
Karl Schapper
Friedrich Engels
Feb 1849
Clarity or Confusion?Leon TrotskyJan 1939
Cologne Citizens' Petition for the Continuance of the Rheinische ZeitungUnknownFeb 1843
Declaration (Marx, November 1859)Karl MarxNov 1859
Democracy and Narodism in ChinaLeninJul 1912
Democracy, Pacifism and ImperialismLeon TrotskyJun 1917
Democratic Banquet (February 1849)Karl Marx
Karl Schapper
Friedrich Engels
Feb 1849
How Servility to Reaction is Blended with Playing at DemocracyLeninJun 1915
Interesting Revelations (May 1857)Karl MarxMay 1857
Invitation to Subscribe to the Neue Rheinische ZeitungKarl MarxOct 1848
Karl Marx Before the Cologne JuryKarl Marx
Karl Schapper
Friedrich Engels
Karl Schneider II
Feb 1849
Les Conspirateurs (A. Chenu); La naissance de la Republique en fevrier 1848 (Lucien de la Hodde)Karl MarxApr 1850
Letter to Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States of AmericaKarl Marx
First International
Nov 1864
Letter to Adolf Cluss, October 8, 1852Karl MarxOct 1852
Letter to Adolf Cluss, mid-November 1853Karl MarxNov 1853
Letter to August Bebel, August 30, 1883Friedrich EngelsAug 1883
Letter to August Bebel, March 18-28, 1875Friedrich EngelsMar 1875
Letter to Eduard Bernstein, December 29, 1884Friedrich EngelsDec 1884
Letter to Eduard Bernstein, March 24, 1884Friedrich EngelsMar 1884
Letter to Eduard Bernstein, May 3, 1882Friedrich EngelsMay 1882
Letter to Florence Kelley Wischnewetzky, January 27, 1887Friedrich EngelsJan 1887
Letter to Friedrich Adolph Sorge, August 8, 1887Friedrich EngelsAug 1887
Letter to Friedrich Engels, August 23, 1849Karl MarxAug 1849
Letter to Friedrich Engels, February 3, 1860Karl MarxFeb 1860
Letter to Friedrich Engels, February 3, 1865Karl MarxFeb 1865
Letter to Friedrich Engels, January 28, 1860Karl MarxJan 1860
Letter to Friedrich Engels, July 13, 1851Karl MarxJul 1851
Letter to Friedrich Engels, November 26, 1859Karl MarxNov 1859
Letter to Friedrich Engels, October 29, 1862Karl MarxOct 1862
Letter to Friedrich Engels, September 7, 1853Karl MarxSep 1853
Letter to Hermann Jung, November 20, 1865Karl MarxNov 1865
Letter to Hermann Schlüter, January 1, 1895Friedrich EngelsJan 1895
Letter to James P. Cannon, August 13, 1940Leon TrotskyAug 1940
Letter to Karl Marx, December 2, 1861Friedrich EngelsDec 1861
Letter to Karl Marx, November 15, 1847Friedrich EngelsNov 1847
Letter to Karl Marx, November 15, 1862Friedrich EngelsNov 1862
Letter to Karl Marx, November 5, 1862Friedrich EngelsNov 1862
Letter to Lucien-Leopold Jottrand, September 30, 1847Friedrich EngelsSep 1847
Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, June 10, 1867Karl MarxJun 1867
Letter to the Editor of La Réforme, March 6, 1848Karl MarxMar 1848
Letters from France (Engels)Friedrich EngelsDec 1849
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