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Keywords : Politics, Repression
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Keywords with keyword "Counter-Revolution": Baron Ungern, Black Hundreds, Kapp Putsch, Kornilov putsch

 Texts with keyword Counter-RevolutionAuthorDate of writing
A Contradictory StandLenin14 June 1917
A Decree of Eichmann’sKarl Marx18 November 1848
A Disorderly RevolutionLenin25 June 1917
A New Ally of the Counter-Revolution (1848)Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
11 December 1848
A New Coup D’État in PreparationLenin30 September 1906
A New Prussian Kick for the Frankfurt AssemblyKarl Marx15 May 1849
A Prussian Kick for the Frankfurt AssemblyFriedrich Engels1 May 1849
Affairs in Prussia (January 11, 1859)Karl Marx11 January 1859
All Out for the Fight Against Denikin!Lenin3 July 1919
An Alliance to Stop the RevolutionLenin19 June 1917
Austrian Lamentations, April 9, 1849Friedrich Engels9 April 1849
Before the StormLenin21 August 1906
Concerning VekhiLenin13 December 1909
Confused and FrightenedLenin24 June 1917
Conspiracies of Reaction and Threats of the Pogrom-MongersLenin1 July 1906
Counter-Revolution Takes the OffensiveLenin28 May 1917
Counter-Revolution in BerlinKarl Marx13 November 1848
Counter-Revolution in CologneKarl Marx25 September 1848
Counter-Revolutionary Offensive and Victory of the RevolutionFriedrich Engels9 May 1849
Dissolution of the Second Chamber, April 28, 1849Friedrich Engels28 April 1849
Draft Address of the Second Chamber, March 16, 1849Friedrich Engels16 March 1849
Draft Statement by the C.C. R.S.D.L.P.(B.) and the Bureau of the Bolshevik Group to the All-Russia Congress of Soviets Regarding the Ban on the DemonstrationLenin11 June 1917
Elkemann, April 18, 1849Friedrich Engels18 April 1849
Fate of the Great Adventurer (1855)Friedrich Engels16 March 1855
How to Fight Counter-RevolutionLenin17 June 1917
Inflammable Material in World PoliticsLenin23 July 1908
InsinuationsLenin11 June 1917
Karl Marx Before the Cologne JuryKarl Marx
Karl Schapper
Friedrich Engels
Karl Schneider II
8 February 1849
Lessons of the Revolution (1917)LeninJuly 1917
Letter to Ferdinand Lassalle, February 4, 1859Karl Marx4 February 1859
Letter to Ferdinand Lassalle, June 10, 1858Karl Marx10 June 1858
Letter to Ferdinand Lassalle, March 28, 1859Karl Marx28 March 1859
Letter to Friedrich Adolph Sorge, September 27, 1877Karl Marx27 September 1877
Letter to Friedrich Engels, February 18, 1852Karl Marx18 February 1852
Letter to Friedrich Engels, March 5, 1869Karl Marx5 March 1869
Letter to Friedrich Engels, November 17, 1862Karl Marx17 November 1862
Letter to Karl Marx, December 18, 1868Friedrich Engels18 December 1868
Letter to Karl Marx, November 5, 1862Friedrich Engels5 November 1862
Letter to the Central Committee of the RSDLP, August 30, 1917Lenin30 August 1917
Letter to the Editors of Proletarskoye Dyelo, July 1917Lenin15 July 1917
Letter to the editor of The Times, March 5, 1851Karl Marx5 March 1851
Longing for a State of Siege, May 5, 1849Friedrich Engels5 May 1849
Meeting of the All-Russia Central Executive Committee, December 1 (14), 1917Lenin1 December 1917
Miscellaneous (Marx, August 2, 1848)Karl Marx2 August 1848
News Stories. After the defeat of the Paris CommuneKarl Marx8 June 1871
Note To F. E. Dzerzhinsky With A Draft Of A Decree On Fighting Counter-Revolutionaries And SaboteursLenin7 December 1917
On SlogansLeninJuly 1917
Our Thanks to Prince G. Y. LvovLenin19 July 1917
Political BlackmailLenin24 August 1917
Resolution Of The All-Russia Central Executive Committee January 3 (16), 1918Lenin3 January 1918
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