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 Texts with keyword "Pacifism"AuthorDate
Bourgeois Pacifism and Socialist PacifismLeninJan 1917
Bourgeois Philanthropists and Revolutionary Social-DemocracyLeninMay 1915
British Pacifism and the British Dislike of TheoryLeninJun 1915
British and German Workers Demonstrate for PeaceLeninOct 1908
Declaration to the Antiwar Congress at AmsterdamLeon TrotskyJul 1932
Democracy, Pacifism and ImperialismLeon TrotskyJun 1917
Disarmament and the United States of EuropeLeon TrotskyOct 1929
Imaginary or Real Marsh?LeninJan 1917
Letter from the Central Committee of the RSDLP to The Editors of Nashe SlovoLeninMar 1915
Letter to Georgy Chicherin and Assignment to Secretary, February 16, 1922LeninFeb 1922
Letter to James P. Cannon, August 13, 1940Leon TrotskyAug 1940
Letter to the Sections of the ILO, June 9, 1932Leon TrotskyJun 1932
New War Flows from Versailles BanditryLeon TrotskyJun 1938
Notes On The Tasks Of Our Delegation At The HagueLeninDec 1922
On the Disarmament QuestionLeon TrotskyMay 1932
Only Labor Can Stop War. Interview with the London Daily HeraldLeon TrotskyMar 1939
Pacifism As The Servant of ImperialismLeon TrotskyJan 1917
Pacifism and ChinaLeon TrotskySep 1937
Preface to a Book on War and PeaceLeon TrotskyMar 1940
Report of Marx's Speech on the Attitude of the International Working Men's Association to the Congress of the League of Peace and FreedomKarl Marx
First International
Aug 1867
Resolution on the attitude of the IWMA to the Congress of the League of Peace and FreedomKarl Marx
First International
Aug 1867
Socialism and WarLenin
Grigori Zinoviev
Jul 1915
Some Questions on American ProblemsLeon TrotskyAug 1940
The Collapse of the Second InternationalLeninJun 1915
The Coming Congress Against WarLeon TrotskyJun 1932
The Congress Against War and FascismLeon TrotskyAug 1938
The Defeat of One’s Own Government in the Imperialist WarLeninJul 1915
The International Will the Allies Throw Away the Last Chance?Leon TrotskyJan 1918
The Peace Programme of the Revolution (1917)Leon TrotskyNov 1917
The Question of PeaceLeninJul 1915
The Second International Socialist Conference at KienthalLeninApr 1916
The Struggle for Peace and the Anglo-Russian CommitteeLeon TrotskyMay 1927
The Youth InternationalLeninDec 1916
The “Peace” Slogan AppraisedLeninJul 1915
War or Peace?Leon TrotskyMar 1917