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 Texts with keyword Labour movementAuthorDate of writing
A Word About StrikesLenin2 February 1913
Address of the Central Commission of the Workers’ Associations of Switzerland to the Executive of the March association in Frankfurt Am MainFriedrich EngelsDecember 1848
Blue Books. Parliamentary Debates on February 6. Count Orlov's Mission. Operations of the Allied Fleet. The Irish Brigade. Concerning the Convocation of the Labor ParliamentKarl Marx7 February 1854
Decisions of the General Meeting of the Cologne Workers' Association Held on April 16, 1849Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
22 April 1849
Decisions of the General Meeting of the Cologne Workers' Association Held on April 23, 1849Karl Marx
Wilhelm Wolff
Karl Schapper
29 April 1849
Differences in the European Labour MovementLenin16 December 1910
Experience TeachesLenin19 January 1913
Flora Tristan and Karl MarxMaximilien RubelJanuary 1946
Forms of the Working-Class MovementLenin4 April 1914
Four Thousand Rubles a Year and a Six-Hour DayLenin1 January 1914
From the Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the Cologne Workers' Association Held on April 17,1849Karl Marx
Wilhelm Wolff
Karl Schapper
17 April 1849
From the Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the Cologne Workers' Association, January 15, 1849Karl Marx
Karl Schapper
15 January 1848
In Memory of the CommuneLenin15 April 1911
International Notes. Russia. (1897)Vera Zasulich8 February 1897
L. N. Tolstoy and the Modern Labour MovementLenin28 November 1910
Letter of the Central Commission of the Workers’ Associations in Switzerland to the Association in VivisFriedrich Engels25 December 1848
Letter to Eduard Bernstein, October 25, 1881Friedrich Engels25 October 1881
Letter to Friedrich Adolph Sorge, April 19, 1890Friedrich Engels19 April 1890
Letter to Karl Marx, October 7, 1858Friedrich Engels7 October 1858
Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, March 17, 1868Karl Marx17 March 1868
Letter to the Labour ParliamentKarl Marx9 March 1854
Letter to the Spanish Federal Council of the International Working Men's AssociationFirst International
Friedrich Engels
13 February 1871
Letters from London (1872)Friedrich Engels20 April 1872
Mandate of the Lausanne Workers' Association for Frederick EngelsFriedrich Engels8 December 1848
Manteuffel's Speech. Religious Movement in Prussia. Mazzini's Address. London Corporation. Russell's Reform. Labor Parliament.Karl Marx29 November 1853
News on The International Labour Movement (April-May 1873)Friedrich EngelsMarch 1873
Notes on “The British Labour Movement and the Trade Union Congress”Lenin18 October 1905
On The History of the Communist LeagueFriedrich EngelsNovember 1885
Plan for an Article “1895 and 1905 (Short Parallel)”Lenin9 January 1905
Report on the Convocation of the Congress of Workers' AssociationsKarl Marx
Wilhelm Wolff
Karl Schapper
24 April 1849
Resolution of Branch No. 1 of the Cologne Workers' AssociationKarl Marx29 April 1849
The 24th of JuneFriedrich Engels27 June 1848
The 25th of JuneFriedrich Engels28 June 1848
The Ideological Struggle in the Working-Class MovementLenin4 May 1914
The International Workingmen’s Association Its Establishment, Organisation, Political and Social Activity, and GrowthFirst International
Wilhelm Eichhoff
July 1868
The June Revolution (Neue Rheinische Zeitung, June 29, 1848)Karl Marx29 June 1848
The June Revolution (The Course of the Paris Uprising)Friedrich Engels1 July 1848
The Narodniks and “Factional Coercion”Lenin9 May 1914
The Stages, the Trend, and the Prospects of the RevolutionLenin1905
The Successes of the American WorkersLenin18 September 1912
The Trial of Gottschalk and his ComradesKarl Marx21 December 1848
The Working Class Movement in Russia (1897)Vera Zasulich1 May 1897
Trades Unions (1881)Friedrich Engels20 May 1881
What Should Not Be Copied from the German Labour MovementLeninApril 1914