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 Texts with keyword Foreign PolicyAuthorDate of writing
A Superannuated Administration. Prospects of the coalition ministry, &c.Karl Marx11 January 1853
Answers to Questions by A. M. Krasnoshchokov, Foreign Minister of the Far-Eastern RepublicLenin17 July 1920
B. Bauer's Pamphlets on the Collision with RussiaFriedrich EngelsJanuary 1857
Bonaparte's Present PositionKarl Marx18 March 1858
Declaration of the General Council concerning the British Government’s Attitude Towards Tsarist RussiaKarl Marx
First International
14 July 1868
Draft Decision for the Politbureau on Chicherin’s Motion that Krasin be temporarily recalled and Krasin’s invited opinionLenin29 November 1920
Draft Wireless Message From People’s Commissar For Foreign AffairsLenin19 February 1919
Draft for a Speech on France's Attitude to Poland (Polemics against Peter Fox)Karl MarxDecember 1864
European Capital and the AutocracyLenin23 March 1905
Foreign Policy of Russian TsardomFriedrich EngelsApril 1890
French Foreign Policy, April 3, 1849Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
3 April 1849
French Foreign Policy, Neue Rheinsiche Zeitung, March 1849Karl Marx3 April 1849
German Foreign Policy and the Latest Events in PragueKarl Marx11 July 1848
Germany's Foreign PolicyFriedrich Engels2 July 1848
How Mr. Gladstone’s Bank Letter of 1866 Procured a Loan of Six Millions for RussiaKarl Marx9 November 1868
Interview Given to Michael Farbman, Observer and Manchester Guardian CorrespondentLenin27 October 1922
Letter from Germany. The War in Schleswig HolsteinKarl Marx21 July 1850
Letter to Ferdinand Lassalle, about June 2, 1860Karl Marx2 June 1860
Letter to Friedrich Engels, December 10, 1864Karl Marx10 December 1864
Letter to Friedrich Engels, September 30, 1853Karl Marx30 September 1853
Letter to Karl Marx, June 11, 1863Friedrich Engels11 June 1863
Letter to Wilhelm Liebknecht, December 1, 1885Friedrich Engels1 December 1885
Lord PalmerstonKarl Marx1853
Lord Palmerston (February 1855)Karl MarxFebruary 1855
Measures Concerning the German RefugeesFriedrich Engels5 December 1848
Measures against German Refugees. Return of Troops from Tessin. The Patricians’ CommuneFriedrich Engels24 December 1848
Ninth All-Russia Congress of SovietsLenin25 December 1921
Note to G. V. Chicherin and Decision of the Politbureau of the C.C., R.C.P.(B.) on Relations with the Entente CountriesLenin26 September 1919
Palmerston. The ArmyKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
9 February 1855
Public Feeling in Berlin (1860)Karl Marx4 October 1860
Report on foreign policy, May 14, 1918Lenin14 May 1918
Revelations of the Diplomatic History of the 18th CenturyKarl MarxMarch 1857
Secrets of Foreign PolicyLenin10 May 1917
Session Of The Petrograd SovietLenin12 March 1919
Speech And Government Statement At The Session Of The All-Russia C.E.C.Lenin15 July 1918
Speech at the Polish Meeting in London, January 22, 1867Karl Marx22 January 1867
Swiss Evidence of the Austrian Army’s Heroic Deeds in ViennaFriedrich Engels5 December 1848
The Closing of the German Frontier. The Empire. The Council of WarFriedrich Engels1 December 1848
The Committee at Newcastle-upon-TyneKarl Marx6 October 1855
The Eighth All-Russia Congress of Soviets (December 1920)Lenin22 December 1920
The English Press on The Late TsarKarl MarxMarch 1855
The Federal Council and the Foreign Ambassadors. The Federal Council in Tessin. Centralisation of Posts. German Army Commander’s ApologyFriedrich Engels2 December 1848
The Foreign Policy of the Russian RevolutionLenin14 June 1917
The German Central Authority and SwitzerlandFriedrich Engels24 November 1848
The Late Birmingham Conference (July 1855)Karl MarxJuly 1855
The London Times and Lord PalmerstonKarl Marx21 October 1861
The North American Civil War (October 1861)Karl MarxOctober 1861
The Question of the Ionian IslandsKarl Marx17 December 1858
The Sick Man of Austria (1860)Friedrich Engels16 August 1860
The Washington Cabinet and the Western PowersKarl MarxDecember 1861
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