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 Texts with keyword "Diplomacy"AuthorDate
 A Diplomatic Impropriety (1855)Karl MarxOct 1855
 Amendments and Remarks to the Draft Declaration of The Soviet Delegation at the Genoa ConferenceLeninMar 1922
 Austria — Progress of the Revolution (1860)Friedrich EngelsDec 1860
 Diplomacy or Revolutionary Politics? Letter to a Czech Comrade, July 1, 1929Leon TrotskyJul 1929
 Draft Decision for the CC, RCP(b) on the Tasks of the Soviet Delegation at GenoaLeninFeb 1922
 Draft Decision for the Politbureau on Chicherin’s Motion that Krasin be temporarily recalled and Krasin’s invited opinionLeninNov 1920
 Draft Directives of the CC, RCP(b) for the Soviet Delegation to the Genoa ConferenceLeninFeb 1922
 Draft Wireless Message From People’s Commissar For Foreign AffairsLeninFeb 1919
 Fair Professions (Marx, 1859)Karl MarxMay 1859
 From Parliament (May 29, 1855)Karl MarxMay 1855
 From the Houses of Parliament. Bulwer's Motion. The Irish QuestionKarl MarxJul 1855
 Interview for the New York Herald on Genoa conferenceLeninMar 1922
 Laval and the French Communist PartyLeon TrotskyMay 1935
 Letter to August Bebel, September 29, 1891Friedrich EngelsSep 1891
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, December 19, 1868Karl MarxDec 1868
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, January 25, 1854Karl MarxJan 1854
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, January 28, 1860Karl MarxJan 1860
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, July 27, 1854Karl MarxJul 1854
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, November 2, 1867Karl MarxNov 1867
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, October 30, 1856Karl MarxOct 1856
 Letter to Karl Kautsky, September 12, 1882Friedrich EngelsSep 1882
 Letter to Karl Marx, February 19, 1863Friedrich EngelsFeb 1863
 Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, February 17, 1870Karl MarxFeb 1870
 Mazzini. Switzerland and Austria. The Turkish Question.Karl MarxMay 1853
 Moscow's Diplomatic Plans and the TrialsLeon TrotskyMar 1938
 Moscow-Amsterdam “Unity:” A Diplomatic ManeuverLeon TrotskyNov 1937
 Mr. Washburne the American Ambassador in ParisKarl MarxJul 1871
 Note to Georgy Chicherin and Remarks on a Draft Soviet Government Declaration on Debt Recognition, October 24, 1921LeninOct 1921
 Nothing Has Changed (1917)LeninMay 1917
 Official Government Documents from the People’s Commissar for Foreign AffairsLeon TrotskyJan 1917
 Peace or War (1859)Karl MarxMar 1859
 Revelations of the Diplomatic History of the 18th CenturyKarl MarxMar 1857
 Russian Diplomacy. The Blue Book on the Eastern Question. Montenegro.Karl MarxFeb 1854
 The Balkan Peoples and European DiplomacyLeninOct 1912
 The Committee at Newcastle-upon-TyneKarl MarxOct 1855
 The Kremlin in World PoliticsLeon TrotskyJul 1939
 The Poland Meeting (August 1855)Karl MarxAug 1855
 The Secret Alliance with GermanyLeon TrotskyMar 1938
 The Secret Diplomatic Correspondence (1854)Karl MarxMar 1854
 The Sino-Soviet Conflict: A Press StatementLeon TrotskyJul 1929
 The Tanaka MemorialLeon TrotskyAug 1940
 The Turkish War.Industrial Distress.Karl MarxDec 1853
 War Inevitable (April 1859)Friedrich EngelsApr 1859
 War in Burma. The Russian Question. Curious Diplomatic Correspondence.Karl MarxJul 1853
 What Lies Behind Stalin Bid for Agreement with Hitler?Leon TrotskyMar 1939
 What is to become of Turkey in Europe?Friedrich EngelsApr 1853