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 Texts with keyword "Cooperatives"AuthorDate
A Little Picture In Illustration Of Big ProblemsLeninJan 1918
Addendum to the Draft Decree on the Organisation of Supply for the PopulationLeninNov 1918
Basic Proposition on Economic and Especially on Banking PolicyLeninApr 1918
Congress of Peasants’ DeputiesLeninApr 1917
Decision of the Politbureau of the CC, RCP(b) in Connection with the Entente’s Attempt to Start Trade Relations with Russia through the Russian Co-OperativesLeninJan 1920
Draft Decision for the CPC on the Co-OperativesLeninJan 1919
Draft Decisions And Directives On Co-OperativesLeninJan 1920
Draft Decree On Consumers’ CommunesLeninJan 1918
Draft Decree on Consumers' Communes (Preliminary Theses)LeninDec 1917
Draft Resolution on Co-Operative Societies from the Russian Social-Democratic Delegation at the Copenhagen CongressLeninAug 1910
Instructions for the Delegates of the Provisional General Council The Different QuestionsKarl Marx
First International
Aug 1866
Letter to August Bebel, January 23, 1886Friedrich EngelsJan 1886
Measures Governing the Transition From Bourgeois-Co-Operative to, Proletarian-Communist Supply and DistributionLeninFeb 1919
Ninth Congress of the RCP(b)LeninMar 1920
Note to Nikolai Gorbunov and Proposals on the Question of the Co-OperativesLeninMar 1922
Notes on Co-OperationLeninMar 1919
On Cooperation (1923)LeninJan 1923
Outline of a Programme of Economic MeasuresLeninNov 1917
Plan for a Lecture “The International Socialist Congress in Copenhagen and Its Importance”LeninSep 1910
Recorded SpeechesLeninApr 1921
Resolutions of the Summer, 1913, Joint Conference of the Central Committee of the RSDLP and Party OfficialsLeninSep 1913
Speech Delivered At The Third All-Russia Food ConferenceLeninJun 1921
Speech Delivered To A Meeting Of Delegates From The Moscow Central Workers’ Co-OperativeLeninNov 1918
Speech Delivered at the First Congress of Agricultural Communes and Agricultural ArtelsLeninDec 1919
Speech To The Third Workers’ Co-Operative CongressLeninDec 1918
Suggestions on the Question of Co-OperationLeninOct 1919
Tasks Of The Trade UnionsLeninDec 1918
Telephone message to the Presidium of the All-Russia Food ConferenceLeninJun 1920
Tenth Congress of the RCP(b)LeninMar 1921
The Food And War SituationLeninJul 1919
The Question of Co-Operative Societies at the International Socialist Congress in CopenhagenLeninSep 1910
The Tenth Congress of the RCP(b) (March 1921)LeninMar 1921
Theses on the Co-Operative Bank (November 1922)LeninNov 1922
To the First International Conference of Communist Co-OperatorsLeninNov 1922