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 Texts with keyword "Strike"AuthorDate
 A Necessary SupplementLeon TrotskyJan 1930
 A Poor Defence (1912)LeninAug 1912
 A Word About StrikesLeninFeb 1913
 Another MassacreLeninJun 1901
 Apropos of the London Dockers' StrikeFriedrich EngelsAug 1889
 Austria Next in Order!Leon TrotskyMar 1933
 Class War in DublinLeninAug 1913
 Critical Notes on the Article: “The King of Prussia and Social Reform. By a Prussian”Karl MarxAug 1844
 Days of Bloodshed in MoscowLeninSep 1905
 Deputy Frank Favours the Mass StrikeLeninJun 1913
 Economic Strikes in 1912 and in 1905LeninJun 1913
 Economic and Political StrikesLeninMay 1912
 English Prosperity. Strikes. The Turkish Question. India.Karl MarxJun 1853
 Experience TeachesLeninJan 1913
 Factory Owners on Workers’ StrikesLeninMay 1913
 From the Minute Book of the General Council. Central Council Meetings (May 1866)First InternationalMay 1866
 In Britain (1912)LeninAug 1912
 Lesson of the Belgian StrikeLeninMay 1913
 Letter to August Bebel, May 1-2, 1891Friedrich EngelsMay 1891
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, August 10, 1869Karl MarxAug 1869
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, August 18, 1869Karl MarxAug 1869
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, December 10, 1869Karl MarxDec 1869
 Letter to Hermann Schlüter, January 11, 1890Friedrich EngelsJan 1890
 Letter to Jules Guesde, November 20, 1889Friedrich EngelsNov 1889
 Letter to Laura Lafargue, October 17, 1889Friedrich EngelsOct 1889
Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, January 30, 1870Jenny von WestphalenJan 1870
 Letters from London (1872)Friedrich EngelsApr 1872
Mass action and revolution (1912)Anton PannekoekJan 1912
 Metalworkers’ Strikes in 1912LeninAug 1913
 News on the Activities of The International on the Continent (1873)First International
Friedrich Engels
Jan 1873
 News on the International Labour Movement (April-May 1873)Friedrich EngelsMar 1873
 Notification and Resolutions of the Cracow Meeting of the Central Committee of the RSDLP and Party FunctionariesLeninFeb 1913
 On Strikes (1899)LeninJan 1899
 On the Cigar-Workers' Strike in AntwerpFriedrich EngelsApr 1871
 Original Postscript to the Article “The Development of Revolutionary Strikes and Street Demonstrations”LeninJan 1913
 Outline of an Appeal of the General Council to the Weavers' and Spinners' Trade Unions of Manchester for Assistance to the Spanish Textile Workers' StrikeFriedrich EngelsJan 1935
 Panic on the London Stock Exchange. Strikes.Karl MarxSep 1853
 Record of Marx's Interview with The World CorrespondentKarl MarxJul 1871
 Resolutions of the Summer, 1913, Joint Conference of the Central Committee of the RSDLP and Party OfficialsLeninSep 1913
 Spain: The Role of Strikes in a RevolutionLeon TrotskyAug 1931
 Strike Statistics in RussiaLeninJan 1910
 Strikes in RussiaLeninJan 1913
 Telephone Message To The All-Russia Extraordinary CommissionLeninApr 1919
 The Abdication of the BourgeoisieFriedrich EngelsAug 1889
 The All-Russia Political StrikeLeninOct 1905
 The Beginning of DemonstrationsLeninDec 1910
 The Bourgeoisie and ReformismLeninJan 1913
 The British Labour Movement in 1912LeninJan 1913
 The Development of Revolutionary Strikes and Street DemonstrationsLeninJan 1913
 The Draft of a New Law on StrikesLeninSep 1902
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