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 Texts published in New InternationalAuthorDate
 Draft of an answer to Nikolay Mikhailovsky, November 1877Karl MarxNov 1877
 A Workers’ InquiryKarl MarxApr 1880
 Lessons of the Paris CommuneLeon TrotskyFeb 1921
 The Question of the United FrontLeon TrotskyFeb 1922
 Can a Counter-Revolution or a Revolution Be Made on Schedule?Leon TrotskySep 1923
 Man Does Not Live by Politics AloneLeon TrotskyNov 1923
 Bureaucratism and Factional GroupsLeon TrotskyDec 1923
 Engels’s War ArticlesLeon TrotskyMar 1924
 Dialectical Materialism and ScienceLeon TrotskySep 1925
 An Answer to the Stalinist CriticsLeon TrotskyNov 1926
 The Russian OppositionLeon TrotskyJan 1927
 Class Relations in the Chinese RevolutionLeon TrotskyApr 1927
 The Struggle for Peace and the Anglo-Russian CommitteeLeon TrotskyMay 1927
 What We Gave and What We GotLeon TrotskySep 1927
 The “ClĂ©menceau Thesis” and the Party RegimeLeon TrotskySep 1927
 The Opposition and the Wrangel OfficerLeon TrotskyOct 1927
 The Appeal to the Party MembersLeon Trotsky
Grigori Zinoviev
Ivar Smilga
Oct 1927
 On the Canton Insurrection. Three Letters to PreobrazhenskyLeon TrotskyMar 1928
 On Max EastmanLeon TrotskySep 1928
 Crisis in the Right-Center BlocLeon TrotskyNov 1928
 Our Differences with the Democratic CentralistsLeon TrotskyDec 1928
 A Letter to the American TrotskyistsLeon TrotskyMar 1929
 On ChurchillLeon TrotskyApr 1929
 Stalin as a TheoreticianLeon TrotskyMar 1930
 A Letter on the Italian RevolutionLeon TrotskyMay 1930
 Letter to Albert Treint, September 13, 1931Leon TrotskySep 1931
 Letter to Alois Neurath, June 14, 1932Leon TrotskyJun 1932
 Fascism and Democratic SlogansLeon TrotskyJul 1933
 FontamaraLeon TrotskyJul 1933
 Our Present Tasks (November 1933)Leon TrotskyNov 1933
 Revisionism and PlanningLeon TrotskyJan 1934
 A Greeting to New International, July 1934Leon TrotskyJul 1934
 Bonapartism and FascismLeon TrotskyJul 1934
 The Workers’ State, Thermidor and BonapartismLeon TrotskyFeb 1935
 Centrist Alchemy or Marxism?Leon TrotskyApr 1935
 An Open Letter to the French WorkersLeon TrotskyJun 1935
 Luxemburg and the Fourth InternationalLeon TrotskyJun 1935
 Who Defends Russia? Who Helps Hitler?Leon TrotskyJul 1935
 The Church Struggle Under FascismLeon TrotskyAug 1935
 On the Seventh Congress of the CominternLeon TrotskySep 1935
 Russia and the World ProletariatLeon TrotskySep 1935
 ILP and the Fourth InternationalLeon TrotskySep 1935
 Engels’ Letters to KautskyLeon TrotskyOct 1935
 Romain Rolland Executes an AssignmentLeon TrotskyOct 1935
 Notes of a Journalist (1936)Leon TrotskyJan 1936
 Once Again: The ILPLeon TrotskyFeb 1936
 Alfred Rosmer’s BookLeon TrotskyMar 1936
 On Dictators and the Heights Of OsloLeon TrotskyApr 1936
 On the Iron HeelLeon TrotskyJan 1937
 Thermidor and Anti-SemitismLeon TrotskyFeb 1937
 Ninety Years of the Communist ManifestoLeon TrotskyOct 1937
 Hue and Cry Over KronstadtLeon TrotskyJan 1938
 Learn to Think - A Friendly Suggestion to Certain Ultra-LeftistsLeon TrotskyMay 1938
 More on the Suppression of KronstadtLeon TrotskyJul 1938
 Their Morals and OursLeon TrotskyJul 1938
 Social-Patriotic SophistryLeon TrotskyOct 1938
 A Fresh Lesson. On the Character of the Coming WarLeon TrotskyOct 1938
 Czechoslovakia: Toward A DecisionLeon TrotskyNov 1938
 Karl Kautsky - ObituraryLeon TrotskyNov 1938
 Balabanoff’s MemoirsMax ShachtmanNov 1938
 Where is the PSOP Going?Leon TrotskyDec 1938
 Behind the Kremlin WallsLeon TrotskyJan 1939
 Clarity or Confusion?Leon TrotskyJan 1939
 Krupskaya’s DeathLeon TrotskyMar 1939
 Once Again on the “Crisis of Marxism”Leon TrotskyMar 1939
∅Letter to Daniel GuĂ©rin, March 10, 1939Leon TrotskyMar 1939
 The Bonapartist Philosophy of the StateLeon TrotskyMay 1939
 Moralists and Sycophants Against MarxismLeon TrotskyJun 1939
 The Kremlin in World PoliticsLeon TrotskyJul 1939
 Trotskyism and the PSOPLeon TrotskyJul 1939
 Open Letter to the Workers of IndiaLeon TrotskyJul 1939
 The USSR in WarLeon TrotskySep 1939
 The Historical Development of the Negro in the United StatesC.L.R. JamesDec 1943