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 Texts with keyword "State"AuthorDate
Can the Bolsheviks Retain State Power?LeninOct 1917
Concerning the State BudgetLeninJan 1902
Conspectus of Bakunin’s Statism and AnarchyKarl MarxApr 1874
Critical Notes on the Article: “The King of Prussia and Social Reform. By a Prussian”Karl MarxAug 1844
Critique of the Gotha ProgramKarl MarxApr 1875
Draft Decision On The Use Of State ControlLeninDec 1918
Draft Decision for the CPC on the Conflict Between the SEC and the Commissariat for State ControlLeninSep 1919
Draft Plan for a Work on the Modern StateKarl MarxNov 1844
Draft Rules For Office EmployeeLeninOct 1917
From The Notebook for 1844-1847Karl MarxApr 1845
From the Destruction of the Old Social System To the Creation of the NewLeninApr 1920
Kautsky on the State DumaLeninMay 1906
Letter to Eduard Bernstein, March 12, 1881Friedrich EngelsMar 1881
Letter to Friedrich Engels, March 24, 1863Karl MarxMar 1863
Note To Stalin On Reorganisation Of State ControlLeninMar 1919
Note to Lev Kamenev, July 5, 1917LeninJul 1917
Notebook “η”LeninJan 1916
Notes on the Question of Reorganising State ControlLeninMar 1919
On the Decline of Feudalism and the Emergence of National StatesFriedrich EngelsJan 1884
On the Slogan of the Abolition of the State and the German “Friends of Anarchy”Friedrich EngelsOct 1850
One of the Fundamental Questions of the RevolutionLeninSep 1917
Plan for an Article “On the Question of the Role of the State”LeninDec 1916
Re Draft Decree Concerning the Establishment of State Control Over All Forms of InsuranceLeninMar 1918
Session of the All-Russia CEC, April 29, 1918LeninApr 1918
The Bonapartist Philosophy of the StateLeon TrotskyMay 1939
The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis BonaparteKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Dec 1851
The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the StateFriedrich EngelsMar 1884
The Social Structure of State Power, the Prospects and LiquidationismLeninMar 1911
The State and RevolutionLeninAug 1917
The State and the USSRLeon TrotskyJan 1935
The State of Affairs in the Party (1911)LeninJul 1911
The State of Inland Water TransportLeninMar 1918
The State of Library Service (January 1919)LeninJan 1919
The State: A Lecture Delivered at the Sverdlov UniversityLeninJul 1919
The action of the mass (1911)Karl KautskyOct 1911
The “Model State” of BelgiumKarl MarxAug 1848
Where Is State Power and Where Is Counter-Revolution?LeninJul 1917
“Dual” Subordination and LegalityLeninMay 1922