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Keywords : War, State
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 Texts with keyword ArmyAuthorDate of writing
A Regrettable Deviation From the Principles of DemocracyLenin10 May 1917
Announcement of the Formation of an Organising CommitteeLenin15 January 1903
Armaments and CapitalismLenin21 May 1913
Bellicose Militarism and the Anti-Militarist Tactics of Social-DemocracyLenin23 July 1908
Bolshevism and “Demoralisation” of the ArmyLenin16 June 1917
Capitalists and ArmamentsLenin12 June 1913
Direct-Line Conversation With HelsingforsLenin27 October 1917
Direct-line conversation between the Government and Field H. Q.Lenin22 November 1917
Draft Resolution for a Conference of Representatives of District Committees and Army Units of Petrograd Together with Representatives of the C.C. and the P.C.Lenin10 June 1917
Instructions for the Delegates of the Provisional General Council The Different QuestionsKarl Marx
First International
August 1866
Lecture on the 1905 RevolutionLenin9 January 1917
Letter To The Army Congress On The Demobilisation Of The ArmyLenin3 January 1918
Letter to Ferdinand Lassalle, February 25, 1859Karl Marx25 February 1859
Letter to Ferdinand Lassalle, October 2, 1860Karl Marx2 October 1860
Letter to Friedrich Engels, August 14, 1857Jenny von Westphalen14 August 1857
Letter to Friedrich Engels, December 14, 1853Karl Marx14 December 1853
Letter to Friedrich Engels, February 25, 1859Karl Marx25 February 1859
Letter to Friedrich Engels, January 25, 1865Karl Marx25 January 1865
Letter to Friedrich Engels, September 25, 1857Karl Marx25 September 1857
Letter to H. J. Lincoln, Editor of The Daily News, March 30, 1854Friedrich Engels30 March 1854
Letter to Joseph Weydemeyer, March 10, 1865Friedrich Engels10 March 1865
Letter to Karl Marx, April 20, 1854Friedrich Engels20 April 1854
Letter to Karl Marx, December 30, 1862Friedrich Engels30 December 1862
Letter to Karl Marx, February 7, 1865Friedrich Engels7 February 1865
Letter to Karl Marx, July 30, 1862Friedrich Engels30 July 1862
Letter to Karl Marx, September 4, 1870Friedrich Engels4 September 1870
Letter to Karl Marx, September 9, 1862Friedrich Engels9 September 1862
Letter to Lion Philips, March 29, 1864Karl Marx29 March 1864
Letter to Medvedev, Political Commissar of the 1st Army, August 21, 1918Lenin21 August 1918
Letter to the Supreme Military Council, May 16, 1918Lenin16 May 1918
Meeting of the All-Russia Central Executive Committee, November 10 (23), 1917Lenin10 November 1917
Military Reform in Germany (February 1860)Friedrich EngelsFebruary 1860
Notice concerning The Prussian Military Question and the German Workers' PartyFriedrich Engels27 February 1865
On Rifled Cannon (Engels)Friedrich EngelsMay 1860
Order to the C.P.C. Secretariat (July 1919)Lenin19 July 1919
Political Parties in Russia and the Tasks of the ProletariatLeninJuly 1917
Questions To Delegates To The Army Congress On The Demobilisation Of The ArmyLenin17 December 1917
Quid Pro Quo (Marx, 1859)Karl MarxJuly 1859
Report on the Current Situation at the All-Russia Conference of Front and Rear Military Organisations of the RSDLP(b)Lenin20 June 1917
Review of Engels' Pamphlet The Prussian Military Question and the German Workers' PartyKarl MarxMarch 1865
Revolts in the Army and NavyLenin30 July 1912
Tasks of Revolutionary Army ContingentsLeninOctober 1905
Tasks of the Left Zimmerwaldists in the Swiss Social-Democratic PartyLeninOctober 1916
Telegram to S. A. Bank, December 25, 1918Lenin25 December 1918
Telegram to the Army in the Field, November 26 (December 9), 1917Lenin26 November 1917
Telegram to the Commander of the 10th Army, April 4, 1919Lenin4 April 1919
Telegram to the Commander of the 2nd Army, November 7, 1918Lenin7 November 1918
The Armed Forces and the RevolutionLenin15 November 1905
The Armies of Europe (Engels)Friedrich EngelsJune 1855
The Army and the People (July 1906)Lenin2 July 1906
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