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 Texts with keyword "Belgium"AuthorDate
 Address of the Central Committee to the Communist League, June 1850Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Jun 1850
 Against the Confusion of the Antwerp ComradesLeon TrotskyJan 1936
 AntwerpFriedrich EngelsJul 1857
 Beware Opportunism!Leon TrotskyFeb 1936
 Conditions and Prospects of a War of the Holy Alliance Against France in 1852Karl MarxApr 1851
 Lesson of the Belgian StrikeLeninMay 1913
 Letter to Florent Galloy, November 30, 1937Leon TrotskyNov 1937
∅Letter to Friedrich Adolph Sorge, April 8, 1891Friedrich EngelsApr 1891
 Letter to Friedrich Adolph Sorge, November 10, 1894Friedrich EngelsNov 1894
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, June 20, 1868Karl MarxJun 1868
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, May 4, 1868Karl MarxMay 1868
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, September 25, 1869Karl MarxSep 1869
 Letter to Georges Fux, June 6, 1936Leon TrotskyJun 1936
 Letter to Karl Marx, April 17, 1868Friedrich EngelsApr 1868
 Letter to Karl Marx, August 24, 1845Jenny von WestphalenAug 1845
 Letter to Karl Marx, August 7, 1865Friedrich EngelsAug 1865
 Letter to Leopold I, King of BelgiumKarl MarxFeb 1845
 Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, May 11, 1869Karl MarxMay 1869
 Letter to LĂ©on Lesoil, February 9, 1936Leon TrotskyFeb 1936
 Letter to Paul-Henri Spaak, April 14, 1934Leon TrotskyApr 1934
 Letter to Walter Dauge, August 31, 1938Leon TrotskyAug 1938
 Letter to Walter Dauge, March 16, 1936Leon TrotskyMar 1936
 Letter to Walter Dauge, March 30, 1936Leon TrotskyMar 1936
 Letter to War van Overstraeten. The First Contact with BelgiumLeon TrotskyApr 1929
 Letter to the Belgian Section of the International Communist League, September 22, 1934Leon TrotskySep 1934
 Letter to the Belgian Section, Autumn, 1933Leon TrotskySep 1933
 Letter to the Belgian Section, December 20, 1932Leon TrotskyDec 1932
 Letter to the Charleroi Federation, Belgian Left Opposition, June 28, 1931Leon TrotskyJun 1931
 Letter to the Editor of L'Echo de VerviersFirst International
Hermann Jung
Jan 1864
 Letter to the Editor of La RĂ©forme, March 6, 1848Karl MarxMar 1848
 Letter to the Editor of The Northern Star (2)Friedrich EngelsMar 1848
 Letter to the Editors of Action Socialiste RĂ©volutionnaire, August 23, 1935Leon TrotskyAug 1935
 Letter to the Executive Committee of the Belgian Opposition, October 12, 1930Leon TrotskyOct 1930
 Letter to the International Secretariat and the Leadership of the Belgian Section, November 1, 1934Leon TrotskyNov 1934
 Letter to the International Secretariat, March 2, 1935Leon TrotskyMar 1935
 Letter to the International Secretariat, November 1935Leon TrotskyNov 1935
 Letter to the editors of Le Peuple, January 9, 1934Leon TrotskyJan 1934
 Marx's Undertaking Not to Publish Anything in Belgium on Current PoliticsKarl MarxMar 1845
 Minutes of the ICL PlenumLeon TrotskyNov 1933
 On the Cigar-Workers' Strike in AntwerpFriedrich EngelsApr 1871
 Order of Leopold I, King of the Belgians, for Marx's Expulsion from BelgiumKarl MarxMar 1848
 Persecution of Foreigners in BrusselsKarl MarxMar 1848
 Record of Marx's Speeches on Changing the Place of the Congress of the International in 1868Karl Marx
First International
Jun 1868
 Remarks on the Article by M. Adolphe BartlesKarl MarxDec 1847
 Report of Marx's Speech on the Statistics in the New Blue BookKarl MarxJul 1867
 The Antwerp Death SentencesFriedrich EngelsSep 1848
 The Belgian Massacres. To the Workmen of Europe and the United StatesKarl Marx
First International
May 1869
 The Discussion with HennautLeon TrotskyNov 1933
 The DĂ©bat Social of February 6 on the Democratic AssociationKarl MarxFeb 1848
 The English Government and the Fenian PrisonersKarl Marx
First International
Feb 1870
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