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 Texts published in Deutsche-Brüsseler-ZeitungAuthorDate
 Declaration Against Karl GrünKarl MarxApr 1847
 Protective Tariffs Or Free Trade SystemFriedrich EngelsJun 1847
 The Economic CongressFriedrich EngelsSep 1847
 The Communism of the Rheinischer BeobachterKarl MarxSep 1847
 Moralising Criticism and Critical Morality. A Contribution to German Cultural History. Contra Karl HeinzenKarl MarxOct 1847
 The Communists and Karl HeinzenFriedrich EngelsOct 1847
 The Civil War in SwitzerlandFriedrich EngelsNov 1847
 Speeches on Poland (1)Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Nov 1847
 The Reforme and the NationalFriedrich EngelsDec 1847
 Louis Blanc's Speech at the Dijon BanquetFriedrich EngelsDec 1847
 Remarks on the Article by M. Adolphe BartlesKarl MarxDec 1847
 Lamartine and CommunismKarl MarxDec 1847
 Feargus O'Connor and the Irish PeopleFriedrich EngelsJan 1848
 From the Report of the Deulsche-Brusseler-Zeitung on the New Year's Eve Celebration of the German Workers' Society in Brussels, December 31, 1847Karl MarxJan 1848
 The Situation in France (Marx, 1848)Karl MarxJan 1848
 The Movements of 1847Friedrich EngelsJan 1848
 The Beginning of the End in AustriaFriedrich EngelsJan 1848
 Revolution in Paris (Engels, 1848)Friedrich EngelsFeb 1848
 Three New ConstitutionsFriedrich EngelsFeb 1848
 The Débat Social of February 6 on the Democratic AssociationKarl MarxFeb 1848
 A Word to the RiformaFriedrich EngelsFeb 1848
 From the Deutsche-Brusseler-Zeitung's Report on the Meeting of the Democratic Association of February 20, 1848Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Feb 1848

Cartoon by Engels of Frederick William IV making the royal speech at the opening of the United Diet in Berlin, April 11, 1847. Published as a special supplement to the Deutsche-Brüsseler-Zeituvg May 6, 1847