Communist League (Marx-Engels)

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Date of birth 1847
Date of death 1852

 Communist League (Marx-Engels) textsDate
Draft Rules of the Communist LeagueJun 1847
Circular of First Congress to MembersJun 1847
Report by the Central Authority to the LeagueSep 1847
Rules of the Communist LeagueDec 1847
Receipts of the Central Authority of the Communist League for Money Received and Paid OutApr 1848
Appeal of the Mainz Workers’ Educational Association to all workers of GermanyApr 1848
Minutes of the Meeting of the Cologne Community of the Communist League (May 11, 1848)May 1848

 Texts mentioning Communist League (Marx-Engels)Author·sDate
Note on the Formation of the Brussels Community and Circle of the Communist LeagueKarl MarxAug 1847
Principles of CommunismFriedrich EngelsOct 1847
Rules of the Communist LeagueCommunist League (Marx-Engels)Dec 1847
Demands of the Communist Party in GermanyKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Mar 1848
Address of the Central Committee to the Communist League, March 1850Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Mar 1850
Statutes of the Universal Society of Revolutionary CommunistsKarl Marx
George Julian Harney
August Willich
Jules Vidil
Louis Adam (militant)
Friedrich Engels
Apr 1850
Address of the Central Authority to the League, June 1850Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Jun 1850
Letter to Karl Marx, July 17, 1851Friedrich EngelsJul 1851
Letter to Friedrich Engels, November 24, 1851Karl MarxNov 1851
The Late Trial at CologneFriedrich EngelsNov 1852
Revelations Concerning the Communist Trial in CologneKarl MarxJan 1853
Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, January 11, 1868Karl MarxJan 1868
On The History of the Communist LeagueFriedrich EngelsNov 1885