Appeal of the Mainz Workers’ Educational Association to all workers of Germany

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The address “To All Workers of Germany” on behalf of the Mainz Workers’ Educational Association was drafted by the emissary of the Communist League who arrived from Paris, member of the Central Authority Karl Wallau, and Communist League member Adolf Cluss. The address was published in several democratic newspapers. On April 8, 1848, on their way to Cologne, Marx and Engels stopped at Mainz where, together with the local communists, they discussed the further plan of action aimed at preparing ground for a mass party of the German proletariat with the Communist League forming its nucleus.

If we do not want once again to be the most deceived of all, and do not want for a long series of years to be exploited, despised and downtrodden by a handful of men, then we must not lose a moment, we must not remain inactive for a single minute.

Isolated, as we have been hitherto, we are weak although we number millions. United and organised, on the other hand, we shall constitute an irresistible force. Therefore, brothers, everywhere in towns and villages form workers’ associations in which our conditions are discussed, measures proposed to change our present situation, representatives from the working class to the German Parliament nominated and elected, and all other steps taken that are necessary for safeguarding our interests. Furthermore, all workers’ associations in Germany must as quickly as possible enter into and keep in contact with one another.

We propose that for the time being you choose Mainz as the centre for all the workers’ associations and that you enter into correspondence with the undersigned Executive Committee so that we can agree on a common plan and as soon as possible definitively decide the seat of the Central Committee etc. at a meeting of delegates of all the associations.

We expect letters without postage pre-paid, just as for our part we shall write to the associations without pre-payment.

Mainz, April 5, 1848

The Workers’ Educational Association in Mainz

On behalf of the Executive Committee





Address: Secretariat of the Workers' Educational Association in

Mainz, c/o Herr Adolf Cluss, Mainz, Franziskanergasse No. 156 ½.