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A Fair Day's Wages for a Fair Day's WorkFriedrich EngelsMay 1881
A Poor Defence (1912)LeninAug 1912
Addenda to the Draft Decision for the CPC on Collective Pay for Employees of State InstitutionsLeninJun 1921
Book Review: I. Drozdov, The Wages of Farm LabourersLeninMay 1914
Capital, Volume IKarl MarxJan 1867
Draft Decision for the CPC on Staff Salaries in Government OfficesLenin
Farm Labourers’ WagesLeninMar 1914
For Equalization of WagesLeon TrotskyJul 1926
Four Thousand Rubles a Year and a Six-Hour DayLeninJan 1914
Letter to August Bebel, December 11-12, 1884Friedrich EngelsDec 1884
Letter to Conrad Schmidt, March 12, 1895Friedrich EngelsMar 1895
Letter to Friedrich Adolph Sorge, June 20, 1881Karl MarxJun 1881
Letter to Friedrich Engels, April 2, 1858Karl MarxApr 1858
Letter to Friedrich Engels, April 22, 1868Karl MarxApr 1868
Letter to Friedrich Engels, January 8, 1868Karl MarxJan 1868
Letter to Friedrich Engels, June 23, 1868Karl MarxJun 1868
Letter to Friedrich Engels, June 24, 1865Karl MarxJun 1865
Letter to Friedrich Engels, June 3, 1864Karl MarxJun 1864
Letter to Friedrich Engels, March 5, 1858Karl MarxMar 1858
Letter to Friedrich Engels, May 7, 1867Karl MarxJul 1867
Letter to Gertrud Guillaume-Schack, July 5, 1885Friedrich EngelsJul 1885
Letter to John Lincoln Mahon, June 23, 1887Friedrich EngelsJun 1887
Letter to Karl Kautsky, June 26, 1884Friedrich EngelsJun 1884
Letter to Karl Marx, July 14, 1858Friedrich EngelsJul 1858
Letter to Karl Marx, June 26, 1867Friedrich EngelsJun 1867
Letter to Karl Marx, November 1, 1869Friedrich EngelsNov 1869
Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, September 15, 1869Jenny von WestphalenSep 1869
Letter to Victor Schily, November 30, 1867Karl MarxNov 1867
Motion to the Politbureau of the CC, RCP(b) on Bonuses for EnterprisesLeninJul 1921
Notes Concerning the Draft Regulations on Bonuses for Workers and Office EmployeesLeninFeb 1920
Notes for the Report on Value, Price and ProfitKarl MarxJun 1865
Notes on RicardoKarl MarxJan 1845
On Salaries (January 1918)LeninJan 1918
Privileges for Locomotive Repair WorkersLeninFeb 1920
Rates of Pay for High-Ranking OfficialsLeninJan 1918
Record of Marx's Speech on the Influence of Competition in Cotton Industry on the Condition of the Working Men in France.Karl Marx
First International
Jan 1869
Reply of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung, September 3, 1848Karl MarxSep 1848
Report of Marx's Lecture on Wage Labour and Capital at the Meeting of the First Workers' Association of Vienna on September 2, 1848Karl MarxSep 1848
Reports of a Speech by Karl Marx at the Anniversary Celebration of the German Workers' Educational Society in London (1867)Karl Marx
Friedrich Lessner
Feb 1867
Salaries for Specialists (May 1919)LeninMay 1919
Synopsis of Capital, Volume IFriedrich EngelsJan 1868
The Language of FiguresLeninSep 1913
The Salaries of High-Ranking Office Employees and OfficialsLeninNov 1917
The State of British Manufacturing Industry (1860)Karl MarxJul 1860
The Strike Movement and WagesLeninAug 1912
The Wages System (1881)Friedrich EngelsMay 1881
The Wages Theory of the Anti-Corn Law LeagueFriedrich EngelsJul 1881
Value, Price and ProfitKarl MarxJun 1865
Wage Labour and CapitalKarl MarxDec 1847
Wages (draft for lectures)Karl MarxDec 1847
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