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 Texts with keyword SplitAuthorDate of writing
A Brief Outline of the Split in the R.S.D.L.P.Lenin1905
An Unissued StatementLenin27 November 1903
An Unsubmitted StatementLenin29 October 1903
Announcement of the Formation of an Organising Committee and the Convening of the Third Regular Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour PartyLeninDecember 1904
But Who Are the Judges?Lenin5 November 1907
Communication from the Continent (May 24, 1873)First International
Friedrich Engels
24 May 1873
Confidential Communication on BakuninKarl Marx
First International
28 March 1870
Draft of a Letter from the Central Committee and the Editorial Board of the Central Organ to The Members of the OppositionLeninOctober 1903
Essay on the Party SplitLeninMay 1905
Fictitious Splits in the InternationalKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
January 1872
Ideological Decay and Disunity Among Russian Social-DemocratsLeninNovember 1909
Imperialism and the Split in SocialismLeninOctober 1916
Letter To The Central Committee Of The Communist Party Of Germany Regarding The SplitLenin28 October 1919
Letter to August Bebel, October 28, 1882Friedrich Engels28 October 1882
Letter to Iskra (November 1903)Lenin25 November 1903
Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, March 28, 1870Karl Marx28 March 1870
Material on the Conflict Within the Social-Democratic Duma GroupLenin29 October 1913
Note by the Vperyod Editorial Board to a Resolution by a Group of Workers of the St. Petersburg MetalworksLenin12 April 1905
Note on the Position of the New IskraLeninDecember 1903
Notes on the “American split” (May 28, 1872)Karl Marx28 May 1872
On Plekhanov’s ArticleLenin29 October 1907
On the Question of Party UnityLenin27 September 1905
Original Variant of the Preface to the Pamphlet Workers on the Split in the PartyLeninJuly 1905
Outline of a Talk on the Situation Within the PartyLenin2 December 1904
Preface to N. Shakhov’s Pamphlet The Fight for a CongressLenin1904
Preface to the Pamphlet Workers on the Split in the PartyLeninJuly 1905
Remarks On the Programme and Rules of the International Alliance of Socialist DemocracyKarl Marx
First International
15 December 1868
Reorganisation and the End of the Split in St. PetersburgLeninApril 1907
Reply from the Proletary Editorial Board to Questions Put by Comrade “Worker”Lenin9 August 1905
Reply to the Second Circular of the Self-Styled Majority of the British Federal CouncilKarl Marx
First International
25 January 1873
Report to the Fifth Congress of the R.S.D.L.P. on the St. Petersburg Split and the Institution of the Party Tribunal Ensuing TherefromLeninApril 1907
Resolutions on the split in the U.S. Federation (March 5, 1872)Karl Marx
First International
5 March 1872
Russian Workers’ Assessment of the Split in the Duma Social-Democratic GroupLenin20 November 1913
Speech at the Meeting of the International Socialist Bureau on the Split in the Dutch Social-Democratic Labour PartyLenin25 October 1909
Split or Decay?LeninFebruary 1916
Statement and Documents on the Break of the Central Institutions with the PartyLenin22 December 1904
Statement of Resignation from the Party Council and from the Editorial Board of the Central OrganLenin1904
The Duma Group and the Majority OutsideLenin29 December 1913
The Historical Meaning of the Inner-Party Struggle in RussiaLeninSeptember 1910
The Lettish Workers and the Split in the Social-Democratic Group in the DumaLenin20 March 1914
The Split in the Russian Social-Democratic Duma GroupLeninNovember 1913
The Split in the Union of Russian Social-Democrats AbroadLeninDecember 1900
To the Communist Comrades Who Belonged to the United “Communist Party of Germany” and Have Now Formed a New PartyLenin28 October 1919
What the Splitters Have to Say About the Coming SplitLenin23 February 1907
Why I Resigned from the Iskra Editorial BoardLeninDecember 1903