Note by the Vperyod Editorial Board to a Resolution by a Group of Workers of the St. Petersburg Metalworks

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Author(s) Lenin
Written 12 April 1905

Published: Vperyod No. 14, April 12 (March 30), 1905. Printed from the Vperyod text verified with the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1977, Moscow, Volume 41, page 141.2.

In a resolution earned by No. 14 of Vperyod on April 12 (March 30), 1905, the workers condemned the split in the Party and demanded immediate unity. p. 141

From the Editors. We publish this resolution by the worker-comrades as a characteristic manifestation of the mood that in certain circumstances may sway a considerable section of the fighting proletariat.[1] A Party split—especially a secret split—undoubtedly inflicts countless calamities on the labour movement. The above-mentioned Kharkov resolution[2] shows that there are Mensheviks in Russia who are much more conscientious about their Party duty than the comrades abroad. This is also shown by the new declaration issued by the CC together with the Majority Committees’ Bureau.[3] Let us once again wish success to this latest attempt at unification.

  1. The first sentence was written by M.S. Olminsky.—Ed.
  2. A reference to the resolutions of the Menshevik Kharkov Commit tee, on the election of a delegate to the Third RSDLP Congress, and of the Kharkov Bolshevik group, on the need to unite the Party “on the basis of a common, strictly principled tactics and centralised organisation”. Both were published in No. 14 of Vperyod. p. 141
  3. A reference to the agreement between the M.C.B. and the RSDLP Central Committee on the convocation of the Third Party Congress. The principles of the agreement were set out in the appeal “To the Party” on behalf of the Central Committee and the M.C.B. on March 12 (25), 1905, which was published in No. 13 of Vperyod on April 5 (March 23), 1905, in Lenin’s article “The Second Step”. The agreement said that “further work in connection with convening the Congress is to be carried jointly by the M.C.B. and the CC, which form an Organising Committee”. Lenin gave an assessment of the agreement in his articles “The Second Step” and “The Council Is Caught Out” (see present edition, Vol. 8, pp. 262–66, 330–34). p. 141