Russian Workers’ Assessment of the Split in the Duma Social-Democratic Group

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Both Social-Democratic newspapers in St. Petersburg, which express the views of the liquidators and the pro-Party men, carry statements by workers’ groups from all over Russia. In these statements, the workers define their attitude to the two Social-Democratic Duma groups: 1) the Social-Democratic group (7 deputies + Jagiello), and 2) the Russian Social-Democratic Labour group—6 Social-Democratic workers’ deputies.

We are now in a position to sum up the exact results of the workers’ decisions, according to the data in both news papers, for a whole month, from October 20 to November 20, old style.

The most exact workers’ statements, never once questioned by either side, are the resolutions with a definite number of s i g n a t u r e s. The overall result, for the whole of Russia (not only the Caucasus, but also the Bund and the Latvians have a special representation on the International Socialist Bureau), is: 4,850 for the Russian Social-Democratic Labour group (6 deputies) and 2,539 for the Social-Democratic group (7 deputies + Jagiello).

Trade unions, as represented by their boards (for police reasons the names of the ,trade unions in Russia are not published) = 9 unions with 13,500 members, for the 6 deputies; and one union with an unspecified membership, for the 7 deputies.