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 Texts with keyword "Soldiers"AuthorDate
 A Class ShiftLeninJul 1917
 A Regrettable Deviation From the Principles of DemocracyLeninMay 1917
 Addenda to the Draft Decree on the Requisition of Articles of Warm Clothing for the Soldiers at the FrontLeninNov 1917
 Advice of an OnlookerLeninOct 1917
 Against the Riot-MongersLeninApr 1917
 An Honest Voice in a Chorus of SlanderersLeninApr 1917
 Appeal to the Soldiers of All the Belligerent CountriesLeninApr 1917
 Bolshevism and “Demoralisation” of the ArmyLeninJun 1917
 Can the Bolsheviks Retain State Power?LeninOct 1917
 Conference of Regimental Delegates of the Petrograd GarrisonLeninNov 1917
 First All-Russia Congress of Soviets of Workers’ and Soldiers’ DeputiesLeninJun 1917
 From The Council Of People's Commissars To The Revolutionary Military CommitteeLeninNov 1917
 Instruction, Night of January 18, 1918LeninJan 1918
 Introduction to the Resolutions of the Seventh (April) All-Russia Conference of the RSDLP(b)LeninMay 1917
 Letter to Comrades, October 1917LeninOct 1917
 Letter to Ivar Smilga, November 7, 1925LeninSep 1917
 Letter to the People's Commissariat for Military Affairs, January 30, 1918LeninJan 1918
 Mandate to Deputies of the Soviet Elected at Factories and RegimentsLeninMay 1917
 Meeting Of The Petrograd Soviet Of Workers' And Soldiers' DeputiesLeninNov 1917
 Meeting of the Soldiers’ Section of the Petrograd Soviet of Workers’ and Soldiers’ DeputiesLeninApr 1917
 Our Views. A Reply To The Resolution Of the Executive Commission Of The Soviet Of Soldiers’ DeputiesLeninApr 1917
 Outline of Unidentified Speech at a MeetingLeninApr 1917
 Questions To Delegates To The Army Congress On The Demobilisation Of The ArmyLeninDec 1917
 Soldiers' and Workers' JuntasLeon TrotskyMar 1931
 Speech At A Meeting Of The Warsaw Revolutionary RegimentLeninAug 1918
 Speech At The Send-Off Of The Socialist Army’s First Troop TrainsLeninJan 1918
 Speech Delivered at a Meeting of Soldiers of the Izmailovsky Regiment, April 23, 1917LeninApr 1917
 Speech Delivered at a Non-Party Conference in Blagusha-Lefortovo DistrictLeninFeb 1920
 Speech at a Meeting of Soldiers of an Armoured Battalion in Mikhailovsky ManègeLeninApr 1917
 Speech delivered at a joint session of the All-Russia Central Executive Committee, the Moscow Soviet of Workers’, Peasants’ and Red Army Deputies, Trade Unions, and Factory CommitteesLeninMay 1920
 Speech in the Finland Station Square to Workers, Soldiers and SailorsLeninApr 1917
 Telegram to the Orenburg Gubernia Committee of the RCP(b) and Gubernia Executive Committee, October 8, 1919LeninOct 1919
 The Armed Forces and the RevolutionLeninNov 1905
 The Petrograd City Conference of the RSDLP(b) (1)LeninApr 1917
 The Revolutionary PhraseLeninFeb 1918
 The Seventh (April) All-Russia Conference of the RSDLP(b) (1)LeninApr 1917
 The Significance of FraternisationLeninApr 1917
 The Soldiers and the LandLeninApr 1917
 The “Crisis of Power”LeninMay 1917
 Third All-Russia Congress Of Soviets Of Workers’, Soldiers’ And Peasants’ DeputiesLeninJan 1918
 To Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers!LeninOct 1917
 To the Citizens of Russia!LeninNov 1917
 To the Soldiers and SailorsLeninApr 1917
 Violations of Democracy in Mass OrganisationsLeninSep 1917
 Wireless message to all regimental, divisional, corps, army, and other committees, to all Soldiers of the revolutionary army and sailors of the revolutionary navyLenin
Nikolai Krylenko
Nov 1917