Letter to the International Socialist Bureau, June 2, 1905

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Geneva, June 2, 1905

To the International Socialist Bureau

Dear Comrades,

A few weeks ago the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party held its Third Congress. French and German translations of the Congress resolutions will appear shortly in a special pamphlet,[1] which will be forwarded to the Bureau. By decision of the Congress, Iskra has ceased to be the Central Organ of the Party. Henceforth, the weekly, Proletary,[2] published in Geneva, will be the Central Organ.

The Central Committee, which is, according to the new Rules, the sole central body of our Party, will appoint the Party’s representative on the International Bureau. Please address all future communications to Comrade Ulyanov, Representative of the Central Committee, 3, Rue de la Colline, Genève.

Accept, dear comrades, our fraternal greetings.

For the CC of the RSDLP

N. Lenin (V. Ulyanov)

  1. The “special pamphlet” referred to appeared on June 12 (25), 1905, in French, as a supplement to the newspaper Le Socialiste, Central Organ of the Socialist Party of France, and in German in the Munich edition Bericht über den III. Parteitag der S.-D.A.-P.R. (Report on the Third Congress of the RSDLP and the Resolutions of the Congress). The issue of these pamphlets was announced in Proletary, No. 15, September 5 (August 23), 1905, in the Party News column.
  2. Proletary (The Proletarian)—underground Bolshevik weekly, Central Organ of the RSDLP, founded in accordance with a resolution of the Third Party Congress. By a decision of the plenary meeting of the Party Central Committee of April 27 (May 10), 1905, Lenin was appointed Editor-in-Chief.
    Proletary was published in Geneva from May 14 (27) to November 12 (25), 1905. Twenty-six numbers were put out. V. V. Vorovsky, A. V. Lunacharsky, and M. S. Olminsky regularly helped in the work of the Editorial Board. Proletary carried on the line of the old, Leninist, Iskra and preserved complete continuity with the Bolshevik newspaper Vperyod.
    Lenin wrote over fifty articles and minor items for the newspaper. His articles in Proletary were reprinted in the local Bolshevik periodicals and published in leaflet form.
    Shortly after Lenin’s departure for Russia in November 1905 Proletary suspended publication. The last two issues of Proletary (Nos. 25 and 26) were edited by Vorovsky.