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 Texts with keyword "Newspaper"AuthorDate
A Letter to the Comrades (With Reference to the Forthcoming Publication of the Organ of the Party Majority)LeninDec 1904
Among Newspapers and Periodicals (July 2, 1906)LeninJul 1906
Among Newspapers and Periodicals (July 4, 1906)LeninJul 1906
Among Newspapers and Periodicals (June 23, 1906)LeninJun 1906
Among Newspapers and Periodicals (June 29, 1906)LeninJun 1906
Concerning an Article Published in the Organ of the BundLeninDec 1906
Draft of a Declaration of the Editorial Board of Iskra and ZaryaLeninJan 1900
Letter to Jenny Marx, June 11, 1852Karl MarxJun 1852
Letter to the Editorial Board of the Newspaper Put Molodyozhi, October 6, 1922LeninOct 1922
Letter to the editor of the Allgemeine Zeitung (Augsburg)Karl MarxApr 1844
Party Organisation and Party LiteratureLeninNov 1905
Record of Karl Marx’s Speech Concerning the “Bee-Hive” NewspaperKarl Marx
First International
Jan 1870
Speech at a Protest Rally Following the Murder of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa LuxemburgLeninJan 1919
The Concordia of TurinKarl MarxJul 1848
The Latest News ReportLeninJun 1905
Wavering Above, Determination BelowLeninJun 1906
What Is To Be Done?LeninJan 1901
“What Thou Doest, Do Quickly”LeninJun 1906