A Social-Democratic Sweetheart

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To acclamation from Osvobozhdeniye, Comrade Starover continues to repent in the new Iskra for the sins he committed (unwisely) by participating in the old Iskra. Comrade Starover very much resembles the heroine of a story by Chekhov entitled “Sweetheart”. At first Sweetheart lived with an impresario and used to say: “Vanichka and I are staging serious plays.” Later she lived with a timber merchant and would say: “Vasichka and I are indignant at the high duties on timber.” Finally, she lived with a veterinary surgeon and used to say: “Kolechka and I doctor horses.”—It is the same with Comrade Starover. “Lenin and I” abused Martynov. “Martynov and I” are abusing Lenin. Charming Social-Democratic Sweetheart! In whose embrace will you find yourself tomorrow?