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 Decision of the CLD on the Question of Reports and Diagrams for the CLDLeninOct 1921
 Letter to N. I. Solovyov, Head of the Statistical Department, CC, September 5, 1921LeninSep 1921
 Letter to Vyacheslav Molotov About the the Work of the Statistical, and Registration and Distribution Departments of the the RCP(b) CC, February 14, 1922LeninFeb 1922
 Letters To The Central Statistical BoardLeninAug 1921
 Notebook “θ”LeninJan 1916
 On the Question of Our Factory StatisticsLeninAug 1898
 Plans for a Pamphlet Statistics and SociologyLeninJan 1917
 Report of Marx's Speech on the Statistics in the New Blue BookKarl MarxJul 1867
 Request to Statisticians of Zemstvo, City and Goverment Institutions, December 9, 1909LeninDec 1909
 Statistical Observations on the Railway System (1862)Karl MarxJan 1862
 Statistics and SociologyLeninJan 1917
 Strike Statistics in RussiaLeninJan 1910
 Strikes in RussiaLeninJan 1913
 Telephone Message to Deputy Head of the Central Statistical Board, August 2, 1921LeninAug 1921
 Telephone Message to the Central Statistical Board, July 28, 1921LeninJul 1921
 The Language of FiguresLeninSep 1913
 The Purpose of Zemstvo StatisticsLeninJan 1914
 To All People’s Commissars and to the Chief of the Central Statistical BoardLeninMay 1921
 To The All-Russia Congress Of StatisticiansLeninNov 1922