To All People’s Commissars and to the Chief of the Central Statistical Board

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Copies to the Chairman and Secretary of the All-Russia Central Executive Committee


All People’s Commissars should have printed copies of the circulated and distributed Draft Instructions of the Council of Labour and Defence

signed by Lenin and Chairman of the C.L.D Commission Comrade Obolensky (Osinsky).

This draft is being submitted to the session of the All-Russia Central Executive Committee opening at 1 p.m. on 30.V.1921.

All People’s Commissars are obliged

1) by 2 p.m. on Monday, 30.V.1921, to prepare in writing their amendments and addenda to the Instructions on all points, items and subitems directly or indirectly applying to the commissariats concerned;

2) within the same time, to prepare an initial draft of items (for reporting) and subitems (i.e., a more detailed list of particular questions to be reported on). This applies to all commissariats without exception, to each People’s Commissar on behalf of his respective commissariat.

This is obligatory, since the All-Russia CEC will endorse the general Instructions consisting of two parts: a) the Instructions of the CLD covering reports by the economic commissariats; b) Instructions of the C,P.C. covering reports of all commissariats without exception, economic and non-economic.

The latter reports will form the last, additional “Fifth Group of Questions”. Each commissariat is to draw up a list of the most important questions for the report on the same pattern as the questions Nos. 1 to 27 contained in the draft Instructions of the CLD

The reports will be printed in about 1000 copies by each Gubernia Executive Committee and each Uyezd Executive Committee (the technical possibilities of printing no less than I sheet a month by each uyezd have been ascertained by me and arranged with the Paper Industry Board. Printing and presentation of reports are planned for from 6 to 4 Limes a year, to be finally decided upon by the All-Russia CEC simultaneously with the endorsement of these Instructions.

Each People’s Commissar is obliged, by the above date (by 2 p.m. on 30.V.1921), to submit in writing, in 3-5 copies, a short list of the most important questions to be included in the report of the respective commissariat.

V. Ulyanov (Lenin)

Chairman, CPC

To be communicated immediately, in writing or by telephone, with the commissar’s signature of receipt, and in his absence, with that of his deputy, reporter or Board member.