Decision of the CLD on the Question of Reports and Diagrams for the CLD

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Following the endorsement by the Presidium of the All-Russia Central Executive Committee on June 30, 1921, of the “Instruc-tions of the Council of Labour and Defence to Local Soviet Bodies” (see present edition, Vol. 32, pp. 375-98) Lenin wrote a letter to the editors of Izvestia, Pravda, Ekonomicheskaya Zhizn and other newspapers on July 21 pointing out the importance of “explaining in detail the significance which the local economic conferences and the publication of reports for general informa-tion has for both the application of the New Economic Policy in general and for proper economic construction” (Collected Works, Vol. 53, Fifth Russian Edition, p. 52).

When reports started coming in from the local areas, Lenin raised the question of studying and utilising these reports. On October 21, 1921, Lenin made a report at the CLD on the subject of reports and diagrams for the CLD and tabled the draft decision as given here.

October 21, 1921

A commission consisting of comrades Gorbunov, Smolyaninov, Avanesov (with the right of replacement) and Krumin and with the co-operation of the Central Statistical Board, the State Planning Commission and the appropriate departments, shall be directed to submit to the CLD within one week the draft of a decision calling for all departments to present statistical data and diagrams monthly to the CLD pertaining especially to economic activities, their analysis, working up and formulation of practical conclusions.

Comrade Gorbunov or Smolyaninov to be charged with summoning the commission and reporting to the CLD[1]

  1. ↑ V. A. Smolyaninov, in his reminiscences, says that the work of the commission dragged out. “Vladimir Ilyich showed a great interest in the results of our commission’s work. On his advice and suggestion a draft decision was drawn up, which was en- dorsed by the Council of Labour and Defence on November 21, 1921. This decision took into account all Lenin’s remarks. He attached special importance to having people appointed in the various commissariats and other institutions who were really interested in and understood the importance of studying the local reports” (Vospomtnaniya o Viadimire Ilyiche Lenine [Remi- niscences of Lenin], Part 3, Moscow, 1961, p. 367). Lenin’s private library contains several dozen reports of gubernia economic conferences.